Partake Earth

I. Seasonal soiree Be ready for anything Change is the constant. II. A nibble a sip Conversation here and there Celebrating now. III. Good and bad In equal measure It’s all life. IV. Take only what you need Be gentle and respectful Of our home planet. Partake“>Partake

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Lawn Party

I. Wickets, mallets, balls Players and a patch of lawn Summer fun for all II. Snow falling again Coating trees flowers and grass Snowmen not croquet Mallet“>Mallet

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Cats Don’t

Hello again, its me, Lucy One White. If I am talking to you, it must be Friday, cause Mama Steph says that’s the day that my writing is done. This leads nicely into today’s topic which is Cats Don’t. I have to say Cats Don’t so often to my moms. You think they would remember […]

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Moving together Never touch each other Connected and not.     The middle els Of parallel illustrate This day’s concept well. Parallel“>Parallel

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Genie. A spirit who often grants wishes. Spirit also means breath, and is related to wind. And oh boy, did we have wind yesterday, with gusts of over 80 MPH! Not all that uncommon around here, but tough to deal with nonetheless.  Lots of people lost power, and while we didn’t, we didn’t have internet […]

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Chord and Discord

I. Fussy older cat Paces yowls and nags for more Of what she’s not sure.   II. Tonal divisions From carefully sited frets Chords and notes arise.   III. Here not there Fret placement directs Sound output.   IV. Querulous fussy Whatever happens fretting An obligation.   V. Fretfulness presents Abundant evidence of Internal discord. […]

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Start generating Hand churned or hand turned Ice cream or auto.   There is no budgin’ This practiced curmudgeon Cranking will crank on.     Crank“>Crank

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I. Birdsong announces Dawn, predator, and often Mate search underway.   II, Words and melody A universal expression Of experience.   III. Melody rhythm Perhaps lyrics providing A soundtrack for life.   IV. Earworms and ditties Arias and lullabies Everyday music.     Song“>Song

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Tri This: Ten Months

Ten months. Wow, I’ve been at this triathlon training project for a while. And I’m still at it, and have my first sprint-length race, complete with open water swim, in late June. The big change for me is that I am now following a training plan leading up to this longer (for me) race. I’m using […]

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I. Modulate usage Resources inside and out Avoid depletion.   II, Once you’ve depleted All your personal reserves Regret may follow.   III. Resources abound For some things others are scarce Use just what you need.   Deplete“>Deplete

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As soon as I read today’s prompt of glimmer, the glow-worm ear worm began. There’s a Mills Brothers song that starts “Shine little glow-worm, glimmer, glimmer”. I learned it as a child. Later, Dr. Pepper soda co-opted the melody for an ad: “Not a cola or a root beer, but a delightful drink that you’ll […]

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Get Plenty of Rest

Hello again, it’s me, Lucy One White. Today I will tell you about the importance of rest. As you may already be aware, cats by their nature–we are fierce hunting animals, aka predators–need a great deal of rest. Between hunting and eating our food, we take naps, and lots of them. Fifteen hours a day […]

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Disruption Expected

Many of us, myself included, have a tendency to be surprised when something is disrupted. Weather, illness, accidents, life in general. So much really isn’t under our control. Over the years, I’ve become more accepting of this, and recognized that adjusting my response is where I do have options, and that a sense of humor […]

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Spring Morning

Once barren branches Undergo transformation Blossoms and leaves emerge. I was struck yesterday walking along a path with southern exposure by the rapid emergence of spring blooms, despite last week’s cold and snow. Forsythia and plums in bloom, leaves ready to burst forth on trees, and swelling lilac buds. A week ago, they all were […]

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At Sea

I. Luminescent glow Enticing ocean beauty Painful if touched.   II. Hypnotically Drifting on darkened waves Tentacles seek food.   Luminescent“>Luminescent

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Feeling Anxious? Stop Rushing!

I hate to rush. Rushing creates a sense of hurry, of inadequate time and space to do what one intends/needs to do. I’ve noticed that rushing creates anxiety. One’s attention is in the future rather than the present, and there is a sense of scarcity–in the case of rushing, there is a sense of scarcity […]

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I like words that I need to explore a little, to check and clarify if my felt sense of what it means is in fact accurate. With today’s daily prompt,  it was fun to discover that my inchoate sense of inchoate was correct! Some of my best leaps in learning or thinking come from this […]

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Explore. It’s a fine co-traveller with one of my other favorite words, curious. Bring your curiosity and let’s go exploring. No special venue required, and with this approach, many ordinary things can be interesting. It can help transform the mundane, although I must admit that it wasn’t much help when I did my taxes last […]

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Toxic Trio.

I. Toxic means poison Not healthy for any one/thing Opt for non toxic. II. Not as simple to Choose kindness, respect, tolerance Better for us all. III. Relationships built on Toxicity will only Lead to suffering.   Toxic“>Toxic

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I. Sirens penetrate Awareness warning some plans Are going awry. II. Skies coloring changes Warning of something whether It’s weather or not. III. Bird song quietly Begins volume increases Warning of sunrise.  <a href="http://Warning“>Warning

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Drink Plenty of Fluids!

Good morning, its me, Lucy One White. Today’s topic is drinking. I Lucy know that it is very important to drink plenty of fluids. I had an injury to my kidneys when I was a kitten. I drank the wrong fluid–antifreeze and it costed me one of my nine lives. I licked it off the […]

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Quarterly Review of Blogging: # 3

Nine months of blogging. I’m still at it, and posting most days, this is post # 213. I’m still having fun, learning, growing, and connecting with other bloggers. I continue to be amazed by this, as I really didn’t see it coming. I’m okay with this happy surprise. I started two new series: Feline Fridays and Words […]

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I. In general, small In science, one-millionth Just a little bit. II. My eyes don’t see them Microbes how can they matter Can’t live without them. III. One flake falls then two Tiny and ephemeral Soon its a blizzard. Micro“>Micro

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