My Theory

My theory, that is to say the theory which is mine, that is MY THEORY. This comes from a Monty Python sketch featuring Graham Chapman as a tv personality, interviewing anthropologist Anne Elk, played by John Cleese. You can check it out here if you’re interested: I must confess to being a very long […]

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I’m not much of a holiday person, in the sense that large gatherings, lots of stuff, crowds of people buying to fulfill artificially generated needs is not my way. Regulated worship, whether of deity or commerce doesn’t suit me. “Christmas” music piped everywhere feels assaultive. Not long ago, I posted about Earworms. Once I read today’s daily […]

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Degree. A unit of measure, a way to subdivide, to scale, to indicate relationship. Temperature, angle, relatives To a degree, it’s true And to a degree, it’s not. Academic accomplishments. Do you have a terminal degree in your field? For some, that has meaning. Absolute zero. The degree below which there is nothing. But what’s […]

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Tri This: Tri-angles

I wasn’t a huge fan of geometry and trigonometry in high school. My issue was with the proofs; whatever I was being asked to prove seemed obvious to me and hence a “waste of time”. I now recognize that the discipline and logic involved are indeed fine tools to have at one’s disposal. Despite my […]

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I’ll pass on the halo, thanks

via Daily Prompt: Saintly Well, ya wanna get a reaction out of me, put saintly as the daily prompt. My first response was not fit for the public airwaves. In my experience, any intense reaction is fertile ground for self reflection and so, turning my curiosity on myself, I found some stuff, mostly not new, […]

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via Daily Prompt: Relocate Change location or Return to a previous site. Both are true. A fancy way to say move or transfer. Relocate your shoulder after its dislocated? Good idea, the sooner the better. Try not to go too far afield Relocate. Is it still there, where I left it? Yes Now is it […]

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via Daily Prompt: Patina If you are familiar with the Simon and Garfunkel tune Cecelia,, the refrain is the inspiration here. Patina gets expanded to Pa-te-en-ah.  And since I had this album growing up, of course I have a patina! Apologies to Paul Simon for this haiku parody of a wonderful song. Oh, Pa te […]

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Cat Tales–Jules

When I wrote the first Cat Tales post a few weeks ago featuring our former neighbor cat, Waylon, I had roughly sketched an order of appearance for the cats I planned to include. What was I thinking? These are cats, after all, known for doing things in their own way and own time, with little regard […]

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