V is for Vigilant

Ziggy, like most cats, is a vigilant fellow. He keeps track of what’s going on in the house and if anything is suspicious, he carefully investigates. When he’s ready, that is. As I’ve written recently, I’ve been moving a lot of things around in our upstairs, shifting my desk, bookcases and assorted ephemera from the guest room to the now open spaces of our former bedroom. I moved much of the furniture last week and this week have been reorganizing and sorting through all the stuff from my old professional office as well as the stuff that’s accumulated in my home office over the last 35 years. As noted, its a tiresome process, and it is slowly getting done.

Yesterday morning, I woke up quite early so was sitting upstairs reading and drinking coffee. Ziggy followed me, and after he was done with his morning cuddle and scratches, he proceeded to very carefully sniff at the bookcases and the notebooks and papers stacked on the floor. It was interesting watch him sniff around, and also a bit surprising, as the guest room where they had previously resided also holds the big armchair in which Ziggy spends most of his daytime hours, cocooned in a fleece throw and getting his beauty rest.

This afternoon, I unpacked the new copier/printer/scanner that is replacing the antiquated (meaning I can no longer update software) combo device as well as my perfectly serviceable old printer that only prints. Zig left the room when I was pulling out the squeaky styrofoam enclosed printer, but once the box was on the floor and I quit making “bad” noises, he very carefully inspected the box. That’s unusual for him, as unlike most cats of my acquaintance, he usually ignores boxes and bags. But with this project, and near his territory, he was checking it out. A fellow can’t be too careful.

The new device is set up and working, I’ve found a couple of options for places who will likely be happy to have donation of our old devices that still work, and Ziggy has gone back to his sleeping bag to catch up on his rest.

Written for today’s Ragtag daily prompt of cocoon and the April A to Z Blogging Challenge: V

10 thoughts on “V is for Vigilant

  1. I’m just going through this as well with two of my old devices no longer able to be updated. So maddening as I had bought a number of color printer cassettes–8 in all–as my HP color printer took 4–that are very expensive.

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    1. ouch! I’ve seen the color ones are very expensive. I stick with black and white, which works for my purposes. Its frustrating when otherwise working devices aren’t usable for software reasons. Seems wasteful


    2. Did you buy them directly from HP? If so, you might call support and ask why they’re selling ink for a printer that can no longer be updated (of course, you don’t say whether the printer still functions – if so, maybe don’t worry about updating it for now, and use up the remaining ink). You could try asking for a refund.

      Interestingly, the ink is more expensive than the printer itself. There are good reasons for that, believe it or not. But maybe it’s time for a new printer.

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      1. Actually my hp printer is just fine, it’s a good old b/w laser jet. My partner was the original purchaser of the out of date brother all in one. It works fine as a copier, but no longer updates or syncs for printing. It’s also huge. We need a copier as well as a printer so I got a smaller hp all in one.

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