Dim Hopes

I. Winter’s dark goes dim Orion fades with the dawn Shoots of spring emerge II. Hope slowly rising Barely discernible and On the horizon III. Shifts are happening Subtle to most observers No less real for that   Dim“>Dim

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I had a feeling I just knew I saw it coming I knew it in my gut That still small voice Intuition is getting the right answer on the basis of inadequate information– Mona Lisa Schultz Pay attention!   Premonition“>Premonition

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Imagine Possibility

It’s just your imagination You’re being dramatic You’re too sensitive. He wouldn’t do that, She loves you. We only want the best for you. You imagined it. Don’t tell anyone.   What if I’m not imagining anything. What if I was believed What if  I learned I could trust myself and my perceptions What if […]

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Congregational Quartet

I. Gather together Common ground and difference Acting with purpose.   II. Maybe a church or Something else altogether All congregations   III. Commonality Primes a new beginning Gathering old friends   IV. Membership formal Or a random collection Something in common   Congregate“>Congregate

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Fly Me to the Moon

Fly me to the moon And let me play among the stars Let me see what spring is like On Jupiter and Mars This song, written by Bart Howard in 1954, is a jazz standard, performed by many, including Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra. and Diana Krall. So evocative, that longing to travel among the stars, exploring […]

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More is Not Better

I am conversant with many things, including that often we are not doing what we think we’re doing. So in this current conversation (and I am using the term loosely) around guns and violence, prompted by the recent shooting in Florida, here are a few things I’m noticing: There is a significant logic fail in […]

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Lucish, the Language

I’m back! Its me, Lucy One White. Today, I’d like to tell you a little about my words. The best language is Cat, but as my Moms are not so good at understanding Cat, I’ve also learned their language. Of course, I’ve had to adapt and improve it for my purposes. Mama Steph says this […]

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  I. Pilings encrusted With mussels and barnacles Ocean eats the pier. II. The crust cracks open Aroma first then oozing Brie evokes delight. III. The crust cracks open Gas and ash precede lava Volcano erupts.     Encrusted“>Encrusted

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Ice is Slippery

The ice dance event concluded yesterday at the winter olympics. There was a lot of amazing and inspiring skating, and there were some odd and unexpected occurrences that quite possibly altered the final placements of teams in the competition. The first came during the short dance, when French skater Gabriella Papadakis’ halter dress neck strap […]

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A Compromising Award

I got an invite to do one of those “award” things again. I’m not clear on the point of these awards. From what I have observed, it seems to be a way of increasing blog readership, rather than an actual acknowledgement of one’s writing. You answer some questions in a post, link back to the […]

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Cat Tales: Toto

Toto. aka Uncle Toto, the Tangerine Dream, Snow Pants, Butterfly Jumper, Totus Toto started his career in our neighborhood living next door, with his human mom, a human brother and sister, two feline siblings, Tiger and Trigger, and eventually a black Lab named Codie. A long-haired deep orange fellow, Toto was most engaging, and would […]

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costume quartet

I. Wearing illusion Creating magic, deception No more ordinary II. Purposeful attire Specialized applications Team member or star III. Dressup or disguise Directing your attention Controlling focus IV. Special suits For all occasions Trick or treat. Costume“>Costume

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Suspicious clouds lurk On the horizon. Could be Another storm coming Suspicious“>Suspicious

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Seeking the Dream

As many of you know, figure skating is one of my favorite sports. Earlier in my life, it was gymnastics. I participated in these sports for fun, enjoying both the physical challenge of a technical sport and its expressive/artistic component. For me it’s about the process and the challenge, as I’ve never had any illusion that […]

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Roy G Biv goes to Olympus

Mnemonics. Ways to remember something. I’ve encountered a number of them in my life, and it is remarkable how many I remember and how effective they are. So who is Roy G. Biv? Rainbow man, the colors of the visible light spectrum, in order of descending wavelength. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. The […]

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Some Things I like

Hello again, its me, Lucy One White. It has been pointed out to me that my last two posts, Lucy’s Lament and Introducing Feline Fridays were a wee bit critical. While I can’t help it that I have very high standards, being a cat, and am ‘snickety by nature, today I will write about some stuff that I […]

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But Why?

But why? That’s the feeling that arises in me in response to deliberate cruelty. I recall my bewildered child self feeling this when faced with acts of cruelty, hatred, and just plain old being mean. I didn’t get it then, and I don’t much get it now. Intellectually, I understand that these behaviors are about […]

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I. A learner’s permit Such a rite of passage, then Driving is routine II. Permit, permit not I’ll make my own decisions No more outsourcing. III. Snowy windy day Weather wasn’t predicted No permit needed. IV. Replacing an old fence Building permit required Only if you ask. Permit“>Permit

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confused creature

Sometimes I’m easily confused. Today is one of those times. This is the weather report that I read in this morning’s paper:   Here’s what I see outside: its cold, grey and snowing lightly. Currently, the air temperature is 19 F. Where that fits between the predicted high of 43 and the low of 37, I’m […]

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Introducing Feline Fridays

Thus far in my blog, I’ve mentioned a few of the cats in my life, primarily Lucy and her late brother Jules. Former neighbor Waylon had a Cat Tales episode. Lucy got a chance to dictate to me in Lucy’s Lament, and she’s decided that she would like to contribute more of her perspective to this blog, setting […]

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a profusion of poop

Around here, most people have a dog or three.  I don’t, not because I don’t like dogs, but because the care and space a dog needs has never really fit in with the other circumstances of my life. It could work now, but there is the matter of the preexisting feline, who “does not believe […]

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