Tri This: Race Week

Race Week. For this first timer, there’s a bit of charge to those words. I’m doing a triathlon. On Saturday. I’ve been training less than three months. I just returned Tuesday from a week away. Relax. Its a mini. Swim 300 yards, bike 11 miles, run 2 miles. I can do all of those things. […]

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Eclipsed! Plan Crash, part 2

When last we left our intrepid travelers, they were in Evanston, Wyoming, preparing to fight off the rampaging hordes. Not really, but the events that prompted Eclipsed! Plan Crash had me feeling a bit that way. During the airport phase of our trip’s rearrangement, there was also a significant amount of rescheduling and connecting with people going […]

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Eclipsed! Plan Crash

Thursday was travel day. The plan was for my partner BA and I to fly to Wisconsin for her niece’s Friday evening wedding and then very early Saturday morning, fly to Oregon to connect with our group for the solar eclipse. It was going to be tight, and we were getting up WAY TOO EARLY […]

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Tri This: Month 2

Its hard for me to believe, but I’ve just finished the second month of my triathlon training adventure. My original plan was to start training, review my experience monthly, adjust training plans accordingly, and decide whether or not the process was one I wanted to continue. All of that still applies. The big surprise to […]

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Chasing Isaac, Cheering Isaac

Isaac is a local kid. I first became aware of him many years ago when as a toddler he would come into Vic’s, my local coffee shop, with his mom and older sister. At that point, he was just an engaging little boy from the neighborhood. Fast forward a decade or so, and Claire, his […]

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Today’s one word prompt is prickle. It resonates with me at this time of the gardening season. So often, when I go out to harvest, I return with both vegetables and a prickly rash on my arms and hands. Yesterday, I was itchy for about an hour after picking 3 summer squash. Squash and beans […]

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Eclipse: The Beginning

Salem, Oregon. Willamette University Campus. Carleton College Alumni Adventures. Total Eclipse of the Sun. It’s going to be an adventure, however it turns out. I wrote the above words before we started our trip last week. As you may know, not everything went according to plan, see Eclipsed! Plan Crash. Once our impromptu road trip […]

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A “brick” workout turns out to be running after biking, so named because one’s legs feel like bricks for the first mile.

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At home in my body

Over the past several weeks as I’ve intensified my physical activity with my triathlon training adventure, I’ve been surprised and pleased to notice a change in my relationship with my body. I’ve gotten stronger and I’ve lost a little weight, but it’s basically the same 61-year-old body I started with. Yet, I am so much […]

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