M is For Mergansers, Mallards and Meadowlarks

BA and I walked down to the little fishing pond today. Its cool and breezy and sunny, welcome after yesterday’s rain and snow. On the pond, there were a few geese, a turtle taking the sun on the mini island, and ducks, both mallards and mergansers. The mallard pair I saw were staying close to shore, dabbling and turning over for snacks. The mergansers, on the other hand were grouped mid pond and diving down in search of their meals. It being mating season, the drakes had on their fancy suits, and this is one time I regret not having a camera other than on my phone.

Walking back home, our route took us through a field, where a meadowlark was singing away. Their song is one of my favorites, so evocative of spring and summer. In the photos below, I took the one of the mallards, one up, one down, and the more skilled photos of the meadowlark and merganser were taken by others. Happy spring!

I am happy to have what is basically a strong healthy body that is able to do most of what I want to do. However, I’m just not built to fly. The wrong muscles and no wings. Oh well, I will continue to admire those who do fly.

Written for the April Blogging From A to Z Challenge: M and today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt of muscle.

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