O is for Oh-oh

My local zip code starts with 800. So the community facebook groups all have oh oh in part of their title. I’m not a particular fan of FB, and I do find it useful for connecting either with people scattered around the world, or for communicating within our community. Very helpful for finding resources for local services, from home repair and cleaning, yard work, and finding out about new businesses and such. Following the Marshall Fire, it was also very useful for coordinating donations and accessing resources. So it definitely has its uses.

Like many such groups, it can get caught up in minutiae, and posters can be thrown out of the group for disobeying rules around civility, etc. I try and stay out of such matters, and remain respectful, as challenging as it may be at times. I can definitely get flippant or snarky if irritated. I don’t want my involvement with the oh oh to change to an uh oh.

Written for today’s ragtag daily prompt of flippant, and the Blogging from A to Z challenge: O.

Apologies to all for this minimally creative post. Sometimes it is just about showing up, and one’s best is not so hot. Hasta mañana.

8 thoughts on “O is for Oh-oh

  1. Facebook here in the SLV is basically the classifieds. I have un-joined all the groups that might be useful because at the last election politics entered every discussion, even about old tables for sale and lost dogs. I’m very glad you’re on FB, though. You and the other 55 people I’m connected with, most of whom I knew in high school. THAT has proven to be a nice aspect of FB.


    1. Yes. Periodically I get so annoyed at FB that I’m ready to chuck it all, and then there’s you and small group of friends who I actually am happy to remain in contact with. And I can periodically even catch my niece’s travel photos.

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      1. Since HERE those politics are the mainstream, no one is expunging them. They’d expunge mine. I’m a lot happier not seeing evidence of what my neighbors think. It’s not like I don’t know, but they are not very nuanced. I would be labeled a “Libtard” well already am since I lived in Commie California for such a long time… 🤣


  2. hahahah… I avoid neighborhood social media (I am on Nextdoor, which I call the “zombie finder app”) except to find out things like, “Why is the water pressure low?” and “When is trash collection happening?” and “Did you just hear gunshots?” Nextdoor is full of lost pets and rage. Very toxic.

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