I. It must be cracked For the chick to emerge or Even for breakfast.   II. Broken promises Litter the highway of dreams Dealing with what is.   III. Another record Broken and still heating up Time for some new plans.   IV. The teachers tell us A broken heart is a fine Invite for […]

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Juxtaposition Some of this and some of that A surprise pairing.   There is a massive addition/renovation going on at my community recreation center. I’ve been enjoying the juxtaposition of this beautiful bed of flowers at the entrance, paired with all the machinery and stuff of construction. What a difference a few feet makes! Juxtapose“>Juxtapose

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The New Daily Prompt–A Proposal

Greetings. I’m glad to note that I’m not the only one who would like to continue with a daily prompt. So here’s what I’ve got so far in terms of interest as prompt contributors:  Me (Curious Steph), Martha Kennedy (I’m a Writer, Yes I Am), Lorna (, Curious Cat (CuriousCat99), Tracy (Reflections of an Untidy […]

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Memorial Day

Killed while fighting Wars started by another Will it ever end?   Today is Memorial Day in the US, a day to remember and honor those who died fighting for the country. I acknowledge and grieve the lives given in service by the men and women who fought in these battles, never of their own […]

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RBG—SEE THIS MOVIE!  Whether or not you are a fan of US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg or not, I highly recommend this movie. Its a fascinating documentary about a fascinating woman. I learned details of her life that I didn’t know, and following her path from being a kid in Brooklyn to her […]

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Now You See Me

I. I have not yet met The one who bears my likeness I’m told she’s out there. II. Your Doppelganger Lives down the street from someone Surprised to meet you. III. Are you mine Or am I yours Each others? IV. Mirror mirror on the street What will I do When we first meet?   […]

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Archaic? Not if Target Sells It.

For my non American readers, Target is a store in the US that carries a lot of stuff. Clothes, gadgets, tools, toys, housewares, cosmetics, groceries. Its not high end fancy stuff in general, but adequate in quality. It turns out there are Target stores in India and a few in Canada. There’s a store a […]

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No More Daily Post?

I’m bummed. I don’t always read Ben Huberman’s posts, but when I saw yesterday’s title in my feed, which included Thank You, followed by an opening line of “Saying goodbye is hard”, I had a bad feeling. The Daily Post with its daily prompt and other cues and supports for blogs is going away. Its been around […]

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Lucy’s Difficult Week

Hello, its me, Lucy One White. Its been a hard week for me. First, we had a lot of raining last weekend. This is good for puddle drink, and I enjoyed that part, but every time I wanted to go outside, water would get on my fur.  This makes me MAD! I flick my tail, […]

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Guilty — Not

I’m not feeling guilty for adjusting plans to what is here now. Altering priorities. Taking time to breathe, reflect. Stopping on a training bike ride to take in the beauty, and get a photo of same beauty, knowing its ephemeral nature. Staying connected to this world that is my home. Yes, the “training plan” had […]

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spm t  presume you’ve got your fingers on the correct place on the keyboard. Don’t assume that spell check/autocorrect knows what you are writing about. I have found its more useful to assume the opposite. So many opportunities for erroneous assumption, so little time! Assumption“>Assumption

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I. Leaves and blossoms grow Ice and snow melt into flow Where did winter go? II. First you see it and Now you don’t. What happened How’d it disappear?   III. Vanishing act Here forever then surprise Gone without a trace. Disappear“>Disappear

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Tri This: 11 months in

I’ve been training as a triathlete for eleven months now. I’ve done two mini sprint races, one in August, and one last January. I finished the first one with a painful 2 mile run, but given that I’d started from zero in running, finishing was my goal. January‘s event was a reverse and time driven indoor […]

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Well, Its Not a Rooster.

To start with, these are awkward photos–taken into the sun on my run this morning. I often run around this small lake in town, as its a soft path with a bit of nature, a gorgeous view of the mountains, and coming to and from my house, it makes a tidy 5K run. The houses […]

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Friday Flowers

I’ve seen a number of posts today labeled as Friday Flowers, and given the profusion of blooms around here, I thought I’d throw a few of my own in today, with the subclass of purple. They are all from the area paralleling my driveway. Enjoy!

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Lucy Chats

Hello again, its me, Lucy One White. My Mama Steph uses writing words sometimes (aka Daily post/prompt). I Lucy don’t do that, cause I don’t like nobody bossing me around. However, as it turns out, I know a little something about some of this week’s words. These words are infect, thin, pedigree, slight, forest, and […]

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I. Remove the weaker So the stronger plants can grow Garden 101.   II. Once thick and shiny Now sparse dull and shedding fast Baldness takes a turn   III. You can never be Too rich or too thin she said Marrying a prince. Thin“>Thin

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I. Not so big Just a little bit That’s enough.   II. Given the cold shoulder Requests gone unanswered I call that a slight.   III. They said just a slight Chance of thunderstorms today Lightning cracks the sky. Slight“>Slight

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Maybe This Year

Apples are fickle around here. Actually, that’s true of most fruit trees. Our “official” last frost date is May 15, but sometimes its warm early, and the trees get carried away and bloom early. A neighbor’s peach tree had gorgeous blooms in early April. A hard freeze after blossoms are fully open markedly reduces a […]

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I. Askew or ask you Point of view an opinion Perspective matters.   II. The triggered brain Sees everything as threat Survival trumps all.   III. Of course its skewed Rationality missing Passion or terror.   IV. Fear easily rules The challenge still remains to Choose love anyway.   V. Winter dark and grey Relentless, […]

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I’ll Take the Forest

Forest. One of my favorite places. Sgeoil posted about this just yesterday, writing that the woods are where she feels most at home. I agree. However, today’s prompt reminded me of an experience that illustrated that each person has a different comfort zone. This episode occurred long ago, the summer of 1978. I was living […]

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Why Wasn’t I Informed?

Good morning, its me, Lucy One White. Why Wasn’t I Informed?  I Lucy am forced to say this often, as it seems that I am left uninformed about very important matters. A bowl may be placed in front of me while I am in a snit, and I will not be informed that it contains […]

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I. Rebel for reason Healthier than doing it For the exercise.   II. Awareness allows Intention to clarify What is right for you.   III. Freedom to say yes Surprisingly increases Freedom to say no.   Rebel“>Rebel

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Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair So Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn’t fuzzy, was he? Fuzzy Wuzzy may not have been fuzzy, but there sure is a lot of stuff that is fuzzy these days. Running this morning at the lake, I met a pair of geese and their fuzzy goslings. I think […]

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