I. Food comes first to mind Then an enticing language Andiamo, ciao.   II. Shorthand for a meal, Or sandwich, sausage, people An entire country.   III. On the list of places I hope to visit, exploring and discovering.   Inspired by Ragtag Daily Prompt: Italian Come visit the Ragtag Community Blog and follow to […]

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Considering stars Each a universal speck Enormous to me.   For Ragtag Daily Prompt: Stellar

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Do Over?

A great extinction Recovery then great flood Here we go again?   In response to today’s Ragtime Daily Prompt of Antediluvian .

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Target as Journey

Take aim at your goal Go for growth and improvement Progress towards health.   For today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt: Target Come visit the Ragtag community and enjoy the prompts and posts!

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So many choices How to choose? Oh, its easy I’ll taste everything.   for Ragtag Daily Prompt.  Come join in and follow the Ragtag Community to get your own  daily prompt!

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Not seen for a while Then suddenly appearing Great granddads habits.   That’s not what we do We aren’t that way, so rustic Well, maybe we are.     Inspired by today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt, Atavism.  Come visit the Ragtag Community, and follow to join the fun!

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Time for Change

You say last bastion Of decency. Whose rules Are you playing by? Perhaps its time to let go Of that which no longer serves.   For Ragtag Daily Prompt:  Bastion

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Calliope and Ragabash

Calliope and Ragabash went walking hand in hand. All around the island they were searching for some land. Piles of phrases and scraps of speech Lay scattered cross the beach. Lonely punctuation and pictures partly drawn Wondered what had happened, where their careers had gone. They had heard the sirens, wondered what they’d meant They hadn’t […]

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I. Ominous in its Anonymity, the threat Infiltrates my dream.   II, Uncertain about What it is and certain that It is unwanted.   III. Proofreading each page Of my thesis. When turned, the Words fall to the floor.   IV. Fundraising on both PBS and NPR Member already.   For Ragtag Daily Prompt #6: […]

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Aha, I get it! Insight begets acceptance Other way works too.   Ragtag Daily Prompt #2–Insight

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Here we go again Off on a new adventure What will happen now?   It happens each June The peonies and iris Take center stage.

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I. It must be cracked For the chick to emerge or Even for breakfast.   II. Broken promises Litter the highway of dreams Dealing with what is.   III. Another record Broken and still heating up Time for some new plans.   IV. The teachers tell us A broken heart is a fine Invite for […]

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Juxtaposition Some of this and some of that A surprise pairing.   There is a massive addition/renovation going on at my community recreation center. I’ve been enjoying the juxtaposition of this beautiful bed of flowers at the entrance, paired with all the machinery and stuff of construction. What a difference a few feet makes! Juxtapose“>Juxtapose

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Memorial Day

Killed while fighting Wars started by another Will it ever end?   Today is Memorial Day in the US, a day to remember and honor those who died fighting for the country. I acknowledge and grieve the lives given in service by the men and women who fought in these battles, never of their own […]

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Now You See Me

I. I have not yet met The one who bears my likeness I’m told she’s out there. II. Your Doppelganger Lives down the street from someone Surprised to meet you. III. Are you mine Or am I yours Each others? IV. Mirror mirror on the street What will I do When we first meet?   […]

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I. Leaves and blossoms grow Ice and snow melt into flow Where did winter go? II. First you see it and Now you don’t. What happened How’d it disappear?   III. Vanishing act Here forever then surprise Gone without a trace. Disappear“>Disappear

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I. Remove the weaker So the stronger plants can grow Garden 101.   II. Once thick and shiny Now sparse dull and shedding fast Baldness takes a turn   III. You can never be Too rich or too thin she said Marrying a prince. Thin“>Thin

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I. Not so big Just a little bit That’s enough.   II. Given the cold shoulder Requests gone unanswered I call that a slight.   III. They said just a slight Chance of thunderstorms today Lightning cracks the sky. Slight“>Slight

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I. Askew or ask you Point of view an opinion Perspective matters.   II. The triggered brain Sees everything as threat Survival trumps all.   III. Of course its skewed Rationality missing Passion or terror.   IV. Fear easily rules The challenge still remains to Choose love anyway.   V. Winter dark and grey Relentless, […]

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I. Rebel for reason Healthier than doing it For the exercise.   II. Awareness allows Intention to clarify What is right for you.   III. Freedom to say yes Surprisingly increases Freedom to say no.   Rebel“>Rebel

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Haiku Bubbles

I. Champagne Fizzy on the tongue Effervescent delightful I am drinking stars.   II. Wrap Protective cushioning Its plastic covered air Less postage more waste.   III. Beverly Sills She sang everywhere The Met and Sesame Street Opera for all.   IV. The Boy No immune system Protective isolation Hard way to survive.   V. […]

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I. Inhale then exhale Or the other way around Both needed to live   II. Driven by the moon Oceanic ebb and flow Rhythms of nature   III. Seasonal features Ever changing, essential Can’t remain the same   IV. Empty heart must fill Circulation requires Full heart to empty <a href="http://Tide“>Tide  

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wonder, observe

I. Look at me! I’m so excited Childhood joy. II. Observe just notice No need to judge, change, alter Awareness is all. III. Paying attention Might just yield information Shifting perspective. IV. Observe take your time Allow questions to emerge Curious. What’s this?   Observe“>Observe

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Change of Plans

Well crap. This wasn’t how it was ‘sposed to go. Screech Bang Scream Scream — a problem, but not dead (yet). No, no, no, leave me alone, I just wanna sleep, its my day off. Please? There are no days off from life. Well crap. Abrupt“>Abrupt

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Wearing Your Heart on Your Sleeve

To do it or not Wearing your heart on your sleeve Its your heart, your call.   Wearing your heart on your sleeve refers to someone who openly expresses their emotions. I’ve heard it used in both derogatory and laudatory contexts, which is not surprising given how loaded the expression of emotion is for many […]

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My sixty third year And still I am astonished Such bursts of color.   Astonish“>Astonish

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Tantruming for Adults

Tantrum. An outburst Responding to overwhelm. Times up. Let it go.   I find that sometimes it is healthy to “have a fit and fall in it”. Really feeling your emotions and expressing what is going on. A strategy I have used with myself and others, (and this is not original to me) is to […]

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