Congregational Quartet

I. Gather together Common ground and difference Acting with purpose.   II. Maybe a church or Something else altogether All congregations   III. Commonality Primes a new beginning Gathering old friends   IV. Membership formal Or a random collection Something in common   Congregate“>Congregate

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  I. Pilings encrusted With mussels and barnacles Ocean eats the pier. II. The crust cracks open Aroma first then oozing Brie evokes delight. III. The crust cracks open Gas and ash precede lava Volcano erupts.     Encrusted“>Encrusted

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costume quartet

I. Wearing illusion Creating magic, deception No more ordinary II. Purposeful attire Specialized applications Team member or star III. Dressup or disguise Directing your attention Controlling focus IV. Special suits For all occasions Trick or treat. Costume“>Costume

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Suspicious clouds lurk On the horizon. Could be Another storm coming Suspicious“>Suspicious

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I. A learner’s permit Such a rite of passage, then Driving is routine II. Permit, permit not I’ll make my own decisions No more outsourcing. III. Snowy windy day Weather wasn’t predicted No permit needed. IV. Replacing an old fence Building permit required Only if you ask. Permit“>Permit

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I. sometimes an excuse to hurt or belittle in lieu of understanding II. Candid Camera Messed with ones perceptions Laughing with, not at. III. Unvarnished truth Breaking open cherished lies Illuminating IV. Candid not candied End of sugarcoating I’d rather not know Candid“>Candid

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Shock talk Electric shock Anaphylactic shock Septic shock Shock and awe Shock therapy Its about overwhelm. An opportunity to wake up, reset, restart, review. Often ends in collapse and death. Have a care. Don’t try this at home. <a href=”http://Shock“>Shock

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Agile Quintet

I. Skilled skaters show Agile accommodation Ice is slippery II. Hiking icy trail Enjoying the scenery I’d best watch my step III. One day four seasons Winter spring summer and fall Oh Colorado IV. Paying attention Develops agility Weather changes plans V. Life is what happens While you’re making other plans Good to remember   […]

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Loophole Senryu Sextet

I. Pretending that you Will keep your word even as You plan your escape. II. Exit strategy Self congratulatory Avoidance masters III. A loophole or noose It depends on the contents And your perspective IV. Sleight of word or law A tricksters propaganda Intent to elude V. When walking ones talk Is too uncomfortable We […]

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Static and Dynamic Electricity. First edition, 1939. I’ve got the third. Grandpa’s book is still available on Amazon. Less static than I imagined Static“>Static

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