About Curious Steph

Hello, I’m Steph, and I’m curious.

Curious as defined by Merriam Webster:

1. 1a archaic : made carefully b obsolete: abstruse  c archaic:  precisely accurate

2. 2a : marked by desire to investigate and learn They were curious as to who won the game. The cat was curious about its new environment. b : marked by inquisitive interest in others’ concerns : nosy curious about the neighbors’ doings

3. 3: exciting attention as strange, novel, or unexpected :  odd a curious coincidence We were concerned about his curious behavior.

I started thinking about this project after a series of encounters that excited my attention, including the strange one-way sign. I anticipate sharing others in this category with you, and invite your input as well. The intent is appreciation of the unusual and perhaps misused, and at the same time valuing respect for all. No mean stuff, please!

Noting definition 2a: marked by desire to investigate and learn–that’s me, and I’m often surprised by what provokes that desire, and conversely, by what doesn’t. If I’m interested, I’ll go deep and long, and if I’m not, oh well.

I anticipate a varying focus in this blog, sometimes exploring outer curiosities and oftentimes being curious about my life and adventures. Coming up: triathlon, gardening, senior cats, travel, van conversion, figure skating, reading, and food.  Stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “About Curious Steph

  1. Hi Steph- I am curious as to why you chose this curious greenish background color? Green dog wash/Martian? It is very hard to see text clearly against that color, unless the text is gray on purpose…. hmm curious…..😁


    1. Thanks for your feedback, Leslie. I just liked the green. Its interesting that its hard for you to read, but I’m reading it on the big screen, and you may be on a smaller device. I’ll investigate other options tomorrow. Lots of learning for me!


  2. Van conversion! I may not get to it in this lifetime, but I dream about the possibilities of a writer’s cottage on wheels. Belated welcome to the Blogosphere!


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