Describe the last difficult “goodbye” you said.

Today’s jetpack prompt is as above. I’ve described the last two difficult goodbyes previously in this blog, saying goodbye to the previous generation of cats, first Jules, and then a year later, his sister Lucy.

I’ve mused over the years on why goodbyes to these creatures with whom we share our lives is so hard, and I think that the answer is within the question. They share our lives, are intrinsically woven into the dailiness of living, and at least for me, the relationship is less complicated than many human relationships. It’s easier (safer?) for me to keep my heart open with cats. They are so completely themselves and expect nothing other than me to be me (and, of course, provide all services upon demand). I’ve always known when it was time for them to leave, and have been profoundly sad when they made their crossing of the rainbow bridge. Rereading those posts from years past, I feel that pain and loss again.

i9io And as if to remind me that life goes on, the current feline resident, Ziggy typed a bit on the keyboard and is now occupying my lap. Love the one you’re with, he reminds me.

Below is a gallery of the afore mentioned cats: Ziggy, Lucy and Jules.

5 thoughts on “goodbyes

  1. When I got Bear I had the strangest feeling that all my previous dogs (25!) had prepared me for her and were in some mystical way embodied in her. I know I will be desperately torn up when her time comes. I’ve been close to a few of my dogs, and good friends to all, and all differently, but this dog is so in harmony with me it’s uncanny. I truly love her more than anything. I also realize how much courage that takes and I am grateful to her for making be braver than I have ever been. ❤️

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