To save or reuse Just throw it out, its no good Look a little closer.   These objects are crafted from found objects or waste.   Inspired by today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt of Salvage.

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Disruption Expected

Many of us, myself included, have a tendency to be surprised when something is disrupted. Weather, illness, accidents, life in general. So much really isn’t under our control. Over the years, I’ve become more accepting of this, and recognized that adjusting my response is where I do have options, and that a sense of humor […]

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The String Cheese Incident

Travel day. BA and I are going to take a few days at the ocean. Travel so far is going okay. Going through security, I hit the first snag of the day. I could see they were scanning and puzzling over something in my daypack. No surprise when they asked to search it. The surprise […]

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a profusion of poop

Around here, most people have a dog or three.  I don’t, not because I don’t like dogs, but because the care and space a dog needs has never really fit in with the other circumstances of my life. It could work now, but there is the matter of the preexisting feline, who “does not believe […]

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You have most likely had an earworm, even if you are unfamiliar with the name. A musical tune, or small piece of one, gets stuck in your brain on endless repeat. You redirect your attention elsewhere, and then, seconds to days later, you realize ITS STILL PLAYING! I’ve had a lot of earworms over the […]

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Blustrious Gustards

I’m prone to making up new words. Given that all words are made up in order to describe something, why not add to the collection? I rarely do this intentionally, the new words often just come out when I am attempting a description. Blustrious gustards is about wind, derived from blustery and gusts. BA and […]

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Its a Sign! Pacific NW Edition

I’ve spent the last several days in NW Oregon and SW Washington. I love this part of the world, and its very different from my usual residence in Colorado. Found a few signs and bumper stickers to share. Some strange, some funny, and others simply very different from life in Colorado. With this first sign, […]

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Its a Sign!

Of what, I don’t know. Strange signs, advertisements that are goofy, things that may not be communicating what they intend to be. So for curiosities sake and entertainment, I present the following: In a recent grocery ad in my local paper: Wild and Farm Raised cannot both apply to the same piece of salmon. While […]

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Word Funnies, Part 3: Mondegreens

Mondegreens are rampant, we’ve all said them, and many are hilarious.  So what are they and why do they have such a strange name?  A mondegreen is a word or phrase that results from the mishearing of something said or sung (Merriam Webster). Sylvia Wright coined the phrase in a 1954 article, writing about how […]

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Word Funnies, Part 2: Malaphors

Whats a malaphor?  A blended idiom, combining two phrases.  A combination of Malaprop and metaphor.  I’ve enjoyed these gems for years, having a fondness for the absurd.  Only recently did I learn the “official” term, when a Facebook friend of mine linked to one of Dave Malaphor’s posts, and from there I found his site: I’ve […]

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Word Funnies, Part 1: Malaprops

I’ve long enjoyed malapropisms and the little twist of surprise that comes with hearing one. So what are they? From the Oxford dictionary: malapropism (noun) the mistaken use of a word in place of a similar-sounding one, often with unintentionally amusing effect, as in, for example, “dance a flamingo” (instead of flamenco) synonyms: wrong word, solecism, […]

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