Genie. A spirit who often grants wishes. Spirit also means breath, and is related to wind. And oh boy, did we have wind yesterday, with gusts of over 80 MPH! Not all that uncommon around here, but tough to deal with nonetheless.  Lots of people lost power, and while we didn’t, we didn’t have internet […]

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Tri This: Ten Months

Ten months. Wow, I’ve been at this triathlon training project for a while. And I’m still at it, and have my first sprint-length race, complete with open water swim, in late June. The big change for me is that I am now following a training plan leading up to this longer (for me) race. I’m using […]

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As soon as I read today’s prompt of glimmer, the glow-worm ear worm began. There’s a Mills Brothers song that starts “Shine little glow-worm, glimmer, glimmer”. I learned it as a child. Later, Dr. Pepper soda co-opted the melody for an ad: “Not a cola or a root beer, but a delightful drink that you’ll […]

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Get Plenty of Rest

Hello again, it’s me, Lucy One White. Today I will tell you about the importance of rest. As you may already be aware, cats by their nature–we are fierce hunting animals, aka predators–need a great deal of rest. Between hunting and eating our food, we take naps, and lots of them. Fifteen hours a day […]

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Explore. It’s a fine co-traveller with one of my other favorite words, curious. Bring your curiosity and let’s go exploring. No special venue required, and with this approach, many ordinary things can be interesting. It can help transform the mundane, although I must admit that it wasn’t much help when I did my taxes last […]

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Weathering Spring Break

Its been a very long time (1981) since I was a student and had a true spring break. That said, I’ve been in relationship with teachers most of my life, and had colleagues with school age kids in my medical practice. The last week of March remains spring break in my mind. The University of […]

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Tri This: Taking the Plunge

Well, I finally did it. I signed up for a sprint triathlon this summer, with an open water swim. Its the TriBella Women’s Triathlon, to be held at Cherry Creek Reservoir on June 23. Thirteen weeks, but who’s counting? I am. Time to get serious, or more accurately, more disciplined, about my training. I’ve been […]

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Foreign–Lucy’s Take

Good morning, its me, Lucy One White. Foreign is today’s writing word. I haven’t done this before, Mama Steph does it. Foreign. That means not regular in my life. I am mostly a creature of habit, I like it the best if things are regular, like meals and bedtime and sink drink and nap and […]

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Patience–wait for it.

I find out about patience by its absence. When I am impatient. Impatience for me is about expectations, mine in particular. I often have an expectation about how something is “supposed to happen”. There may be a solid external basis for this, such as a schedule stating times of bus AB leaving this stop and […]

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Sound Off

It is said that a weed is a plant growing where it is unwanted. Following that model, I find noise to be unwelcome sound. I am a sound sensitive person. Loud environments, with many sounds coming from many sources are difficult for me. Like most people, once I know what a sound is, I can […]

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Messy Meanders

I’ve read Bil Keane’s Family Circus comic strip for many years, and had been thinking about Billy’s meanders the other morning while working on a project. I was in the basement, working on getting my seed starting setup going for this year. I went up to my office on the second floor to get the […]

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On International Women’s Day

That a “Day” is required speaks to the issue. For millennia, the prevailing social structures on this planet have been patriarchal. Literally, that’s father-rule. This shows up in all facets of society. Founding fathers and God the father, and an original idea is often referred to as seminal, from seed or semen. Did you know […]

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Parrots in Palm Trees

Not my usual, but typical for Ocean Beach, the San Diego neighborhood we are visiting. We are staying in a small one bedroom apartment a block from the ocean. Our first evening, there were a lot of sounds to acclimate to in this new environment. Our neighborhood is densely populated, but we are on a […]

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Imagine Possibility

It’s just your imagination You’re being dramatic You’re too sensitive. He wouldn’t do that, She loves you. We only want the best for you. You imagined it. Don’t tell anyone.   What if I’m not imagining anything. What if I was believed What if  I learned I could trust myself and my perceptions What if […]

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More is Not Better

I am conversant with many things, including that often we are not doing what we think we’re doing. So in this current conversation (and I am using the term loosely) around guns and violence, prompted by the recent shooting in Florida, here are a few things I’m noticing: There is a significant logic fail in […]

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Ice is Slippery

The ice dance event concluded yesterday at the winter olympics. There was a lot of amazing and inspiring skating, and there were some odd and unexpected occurrences that quite possibly altered the final placements of teams in the competition. The first came during the short dance, when French skater Gabriella Papadakis’ halter dress neck strap […]

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A Compromising Award

I got an invite to do one of those “award” things again. I’m not clear on the point of these awards. From what I have observed, it seems to be a way of increasing blog readership, rather than an actual acknowledgement of one’s writing. You answer some questions in a post, link back to the […]

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Seeking the Dream

As many of you know, figure skating is one of my favorite sports. Earlier in my life, it was gymnastics. I participated in these sports for fun, enjoying both the physical challenge of a technical sport and its expressive/artistic component. For me it’s about the process and the challenge, as I’ve never had any illusion that […]

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Roy G Biv goes to Olympus

Mnemonics. Ways to remember something. I’ve encountered a number of them in my life, and it is remarkable how many I remember and how effective they are. So who is Roy G. Biv? Rainbow man, the colors of the visible light spectrum, in order of descending wavelength. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. The […]

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But Why?

But why? That’s the feeling that arises in me in response to deliberate cruelty. I recall my bewildered child self feeling this when faced with acts of cruelty, hatred, and just plain old being mean. I didn’t get it then, and I don’t much get it now. Intellectually, I understand that these behaviors are about […]

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Missing the Sparks

The Flatirons Sparks are a  synchronized skating team based out of the Boulder Valley YMCA. They began eight years ago and I was recruited by the coach to be their volunteer manager. We started with eight little girls competing at a very basic level. Starting out, the Y gave us some unused ice time, 6:30 […]

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Candid–No more Sugarcoating

Time for some candor on my part. You can be my witnesses as I tell myself an uncomfortable truth. I have a problem with sugar, and I’ve fallen off the wagon yet again. If I substitute sugar for alcohol in the first of the 12 steps of AA, its accurate enough. I admit that I […]

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We Need the Moisture!

Here in Colorado, “we need the moisture” is the oft-repeated phrase in response to precipitation. And with rare exception, such as happened 4 years ago when 18 inches of rain (near our annual average) fell in 2 days, its true. Snowpack is what we measure here, and a good (average or higher) depth suggests that […]

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Horizon: Finding Perspective

Looking to the sky, the horizon, I’m seeking information: What’s the weather, the time, what is coming up? I also realize that I’m seeking a perspective, something beyond the life of my small self and the vicissitudes of daily life. I’ve had the privilege of traversing the Grand Canyon via the Colorado River twice. My […]

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