T is for Tiresome

I’m working on some tiresome projects. A year ago, I cleared out the office I had seen clients in for the past 20 years. I left much of the furniture for the next occupant (with their permission), but I had some containers full of the usual desk miscellany as well as client records. I sorted […]

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N is for Nothing

Nothing big on the schedule. Day to day stuff, small events and activities. It will likely remain this way, given BA’s health challenges. We may make a visit to her family in Madison this summer, and her sister in law is coming for a visit in two weeks, but that’s about it I think I’m […]

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Killed or Not dead Yet?

With apologies to Monty Python for the title. Walking through my nearby arboretum, I noticed a a small backhoe parked along a trail. Once I reached it, it was clear a tree had been dug out, and there were piles of branches nearby, along with this sign: The fire passed through this area, burning most […]

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F is for Fun

I’ve long enjoyed athletic activities, whether hiking or swimming, bicycling, skiing, gymnastics or skating. As you might surmise from this list, I’m more of an individual rather than a team/ball sports person. I think some of that is due to the fact that I’m an introvert, and some due to it sometimes being difficult to […]

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E is for Electric

I’ve been in the process of looking into “electrifying” my home. It’s part of the process of moving away from a dependence on fossil fuels, and increasing the efficiency of power requiring appliances. I’ve been following heat pump development for years (thanks, This Old House) and finally, the above ground versions have become quite functional […]

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D is for Don’t

At the beginning of the pandemic, there were a lot of don’ts, regarding masks, exposure, risks; there was a lot known in general about transmission and even more unknown about this new virus. Being a medical person, I was able to read and understand a lot of the recommendations, and also was well aware that […]

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A is for . . . .

It’s April and so the beginning of the A to Z Blogging Challenge. I haven’t signed up yet, and once again, I’m ambivalent about doing so. Today is the first day of my second year of retirement, and I remain reluctant to take on obligations and scheduled events. And, I would like to do more […]

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Fifteen Months Later

The Marshall Fire hit Dec 30, 2021. Fifteen months ago. In a matter of hours, fueled by extreme winds and dryness, more than 1000 homes and businesses were destroyed, as well as acres of open space burned. My town, Louisville, lost 550 homes; whole neighborhoods are gone.   I was fortunate. The destroyed homes begin […]

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Bright Days coming

Its officially spring here in the northern hemisphere and our weather these days is fairly typical. Bright and sunny, relatively warm days split time with cloudy, cool windy days and some snow thrown in for general entertainment. Yesterday morning, it was clear, sunny and breezy and cold, (20F/-7C). I looked out my back window where […]

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Not for me, thank you

The WordPress writing prompt for today is where I would put the tattoo I want. The Ragtag daily prompt for today is anachronism. I don’t have a tattoo and don’t want one. I suppose that does make me an anachronism. Permanent skin decorations are suspect to me–its one thing if I occasionally add colorful stripes […]

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Predictably Unpredictable

Well, that certainly fits March weather here in Colorado and many other places. Yesterday was balmy, today its cold and windy and there’s a chance of snow. Snow on early flowers is normal. On to other predictable problems that occur unpredictably: shootings. Today is the second anniversary of the King Soopers shooting. I’d forgotten the […]

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Other People’s Dreams

What is your middle name? Does it carry any special meaning/significance? The question above is the wordpress prompt for today. I don’t have a middle name. My mother, who disliked her own middle name, did not give a middle name to either myself or my sister. My brothers each got one, interestingly the last name […]

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Why sure. I haven’t been writing much these days, busy with other stuff. In August, BA and I were traveling in Iceland with a very congenial group. Unfortunately, like many summer travelers, we got Covid. She got sick there, I got sick after we returned home. I think being fully vaccinated helped us in that […]

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Marshall Morass

I just spent an hour talking with a man who is putting together a program in advance of the one year anniversary of the Marshall Fire, which roared through my area last December 30. During our conversation, we focused on facts and timelines and then veered into emotions, stress, reactions as this anniversary approaches. We […]

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Reinvent was yesterday’s Ragtag Daily Prompt. I noticed it yesterday afternoon, recognized its pertinence to my life, and am writing about it today. Lots of reinvention around here. BA’s health challenges continue. She spent an overnight in hospital last week with another TIA (transient ischemic attack–stroke symptoms that resolve within hours of onset) and pericarditis. […]

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Eleven Months Later

Monday morning, before the predicted Tuesday snowstorm, I went for a short hike. Arriving at the trailhead, I realized that this was my first time walking on Marshall Mesa since the Marshall fire started near there last December 30. Fueled by hurricane force winds and a desiccated landscape, more than a thousand homes and businesses […]

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Z is for Ziggy

Ziggy the cat. It’s not as though I had much of a choice for a Z subject. Just like when we met him at the Humane Society and he jumped from the attendant on to me and started nuzzling. Hi I’m your cat, it’s about time you got here. He has been with us for […]

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It’s R day in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. Reassessing seems a good thing to explore as I am finding it an important component on my new journey of retirement. What matters to me now? What do I want to keep? What is it time to let go of or do differently? Sounds […]

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C is for chores and choice

This retirement thing is work. As a self-employed person, stopping seeing clients isn’t the end. Cleaning out my desk and turning in my key, like one sees in movies isn’t how it goes. Yes, I’ve cleaned out my desk and removed some stuff from my office. I’ve spoken with my landlord and we’ve a plan […]

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A is for Ambivalent

So, here it is April 1. Last year, I found out about the Blogging from A to Z challenge a few days into the month. I liked the idea and began participating. I made it through R before I ran out of motivation. I told myself that this year I’d do the whole thing. And […]

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Winding Down

I’ve been working for a long time. Sometime in the early 1960’s I started having chores around the house, and to collect my miniscule allowance, those chores had to be completed. Then other jobs appeared that could be done for pay. As the oldest child of 4, I started babysitting young. My parents got both […]

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When I hear the word percolate, coffee comes to mind, as a percolator was the standard way of making coffee when I was a child. Even though my parents didn’t drink coffee at home, it was the morning beverage of choice for adults in my friend’s homes. In restaurants, it was omnipresent. Back then, a […]

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I’m sound sensitive. I have been all my life, which made growing up in a household with 3 younger siblings challenging. I often retreated to my room (I am grateful I had my own room from the age of 8), closed the door, and read. I think I also learned to ignore household noises, and […]

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J is for Jeans

I’ve worn blue jeans most of my life. As a younger child, I wore whatever Mom bought for me, sometimes horrible “girl” jeans, with a side zip and no pockets. By junior high, I knew more of what I liked, and by the time I hit high school it was 1970 and girls were finally […]

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Never Eat Inferior Ice Cream

Never Eat Inferior Ice Cream. We’ve used this quote for years at my house, attributing to Walter Kerr, a New York drama critic of the late 20th century. With a relatively brief search online, I haven’t found it attributed to anyone. Good advice, in my opinion, whether applied to ice cream or other foodstuffs. If […]

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G is for Grief

Grief. This time last year, I was struggling with grief. It had become abundantly clear that my retirement dream of spending at least half the year traveling, some of it overseas, and some of it in my van, was under major revision. A year previously, my partner BA had suffered an acute attack of vertigo. […]

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Duty and the Resent-o-meter

Duty. It’s an interesting concept. I tend to think of it as doing something simply because it needs to be done. Over the years I’ve come to recognize that I may have become a bit skewed in my sense of obligation or perception of duty. Perusing Merriam-Webster online, I find: Obligatory tasks, functions, conduct or […]

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