More is Not Better

I am conversant with many things, including that often we are not doing what we think we’re doing. So in this current conversation (and I am using the term loosely) around guns and violence, prompted by the recent shooting in Florida, here are a few things I’m noticing: There is a significant logic fail in […]

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Ice is Slippery

The ice dance event concluded yesterday at the winter olympics. There was a lot of amazing and inspiring skating, and there were some odd and unexpected occurrences that quite possibly altered the final placements of teams in the competition. The first came during the short dance, when French skater Gabriella Papadakis’ halter dress neck strap […]

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A Compromising Award

I got an invite to do one of those “award” things again. I’m not clear on the point of these awards. From what I have observed, it seems to be a way of increasing blog readership, rather than an actual acknowledgement of one’s writing. You answer some questions in a post, link back to the […]

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Seeking the Dream

As many of you know, figure skating is one of my favorite sports. Earlier in my life, it was gymnastics. I participated in these sports for fun, enjoying both the physical challenge of a technical sport and its expressive/artistic component. For me it’s about the process and the challenge, as I’ve never had any illusion that […]

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Roy G Biv goes to Olympus

Mnemonics. Ways to remember something. I’ve encountered a number of them in my life, and it is remarkable how many I remember and how effective they are. So who is Roy G. Biv? Rainbow man, the colors of the visible light spectrum, in order of descending wavelength. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. The […]

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But Why?

But why? That’s the feeling that arises in me in response to deliberate cruelty. I recall my bewildered child self feeling this when faced with acts of cruelty, hatred, and just plain old being mean. I didn’t get it then, and I don’t much get it now. Intellectually, I understand that these behaviors are about […]

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Missing the Sparks

The Flatirons Sparks are a  synchronized skating team based out of the Boulder Valley YMCA. They began eight years ago and I was recruited by the coach to be their volunteer manager. We started with eight little girls competing at a very basic level. Starting out, the Y gave us some unused ice time, 6:30 […]

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Candid–No more Sugarcoating

Time for some candor on my part. You can be my witnesses as I tell myself an uncomfortable truth. I have a problem with sugar, and I’ve fallen off the wagon yet again. If I substitute sugar for alcohol in the first of the 12 steps of AA, its accurate enough. I admit that I […]

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We Need the Moisture!

Here in Colorado, “we need the moisture” is the oft-repeated phrase in response to precipitation. And with rare exception, such as happened 4 years ago when 18 inches of rain (near our annual average) fell in 2 days, its true. Snowpack is what we measure here, and a good (average or higher) depth suggests that […]

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Horizon: Finding Perspective

Looking to the sky, the horizon, I’m seeking information: What’s the weather, the time, what is coming up? I also realize that I’m seeking a perspective, something beyond the life of my small self and the vicissitudes of daily life. I’ve had the privilege of traversing the Grand Canyon via the Colorado River twice. My […]

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Loopholes #2 — Social Convention

Mornings, along with enjoying my cup of coffee, I read. Email, newspaper, often a little something from the personal growth/spiritual realm. Somewhere along in there, I’ll check in on WordPress, catching up with whatever has occurred overnight in my blogosphere. The daily prompt appears sometime during this segment. Today’s prompt is loophole. Temporally coupled with […]

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Carving up the year

I’m not much for new year’s resolutions, but I do find the new year and other significant anniversary dates a good time for reflection and review. What’s working in my life, what do I want more of, and its opposite, what isn’t working and what might I want less of?  In other words, how do […]

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Undulating Twills and other Learnings

After her retirement following many years of teaching and performing music, my partner BA spent quite some time exploring, wondering when her next passion might reveal itself. Eventually, she found weaving. She’d done a little in her youth and enjoyed it, but her energies were largely expended in other ways, and finally with time, space […]

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A Treat I’m Truly Appreciating.

My morning started out fine. Up early, coffee, newspaper, email, light breakfast, off to the rec center, swim a mile. Shower, and I’m off doing a few errands, before getting to my office, where I imagine I’ll have time to write a post on Treat before my first client. Arriving at my office, I’m settling […]

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Thirty Years Gone

My mom died on December 31, 1987. That’s 30 years ago, nearly half my lifetime. I found it quite odd when, four years ago, I became older than my mother had ever been. I’m the only one of my siblings who has had my mom around for more than half my life. They, being younger […]

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A is for Almost

Sue Grafton died on Thursday, having almost made it through the alphabet. For those of you unfamiliar with Sue, she started writing the alphabet series of mysteries, featuring  private eye Kinsey Millhone, in the 1980s.  She began with A is for Alibi, published in 1982, and her most recent, Y is for Yesterday, was released […]

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Quarterly Review of Blogging. #2

I’ve been blogging for 6 months now. No longer brand new, and still on a fairly steep learning curve. Most of what I said 3 months ago in my first Quarterly Review of Blogging still applies. I’m very much enjoying the community of bloggers, and I remain surprised at how often I’m posting and how much I […]

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Daily Prompt: Communal

8 AM Saturday morning for more than 13 years. Yogalates class at the Y. Someone has since put a trademark on that name, so now its called pilates and yoga fusion on the schedule, but for many of us, it’s still yogalates. Its a drop-in class, free to all Y members. Participants come and go, […]

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Let Everything Happen to You

Let everything happen to you Beauty and terror Just keep going No feeling is final. –Rainer Maria Rilke I have this fragment of Rilke’s poem on the wall in my office, as a reminder and support to my clients. Recently, I’ve been needing a fair amount of reminding myself. This week, I’ve been hit a […]

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Sound of Silence

Hello darkness my old friend, I’ve come to talk with you again. These are the opening words of Simon and Garfunkel’s song of my youth, The Sound of Silence. You can listen here: Pertinent now, in this dark time of year, and I find it even more relevant to this time of MeToo, where decades of silence […]

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a not so meager meander

One of the unanticipated benefits of my triathlon training project has been the thinking/meditative time. While I’m running, riding or swimming, I’m also afforded the opportunity to think, ponder, notice. This morning, I made a slightly hurried trip outside to ride my bike.The opportunities this time of year are somewhat meager, paralleling the meager light […]

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Today’s prompt is Legend. I pondered this on my run this morning, realizing that there are a variety of meanings, the first group being stories about a person or event, or reputation. The second group of meanings, listed below (from Merriam Webster’s online dictionary) is what I find more interesting today. 2.    a : […]

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Oh Sugar!

It starts slowly, a cookie here, some dark chocolate there. A piece of homemade plum tart on my birthday. Traveling, I find our hosts have provided a cookie jar laden with Oreos. Somewhere along the way, the dreaded switch gets thrown in my brain. I’m craving sweets, thinking about the next snack or treat. It’s […]

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I’m not much of a holiday person, in the sense that large gatherings, lots of stuff, crowds of people buying to fulfill artificially generated needs is not my way. Regulated worship, whether of deity or commerce doesn’t suit me. “Christmas” music piped everywhere feels assaultive. Not long ago, I posted about Earworms. Once I read today’s daily […]

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I’ll pass on the halo, thanks

via Daily Prompt: Saintly Well, ya wanna get a reaction out of me, put saintly as the daily prompt. My first response was not fit for the public airwaves. In my experience, any intense reaction is fertile ground for self reflection and so, turning my curiosity on myself, I found some stuff, mostly not new, […]

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The Zoo Book

via Daily Prompt: Zoo September, 1973. I arrive at Carleton College as a freshman. One of the items we are given during our orientation is the “zoo book”, a small book containing the names and photos of the members of the class of 1977. In most cases, the photos appear to be our high school graduation […]

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