Growing Geese

Today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt is Pond. One of my favorite places visited on my training runs and rides is Harper Lake. Its really a pond, given that the trail around it is just under a mile. I enjoy being up there in all seasons. Its a busy place, with many people out and about, walking, […]

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Drink Plenty More Fluids

Hello, its me Lucy again. Its Friday, so its my day for telling you about Lucy stuff.  Mama Steph makes words for the Ragbags on Fridays, so I’m going to use her word, which is pond. (that’s the Ragtag Daily Prompt for all you non-felines who might be looking for a prompt opportunity–Mama Steph) Where […]

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I. Food comes first to mind Then an enticing language Andiamo, ciao.   II. Shorthand for a meal, Or sandwich, sausage, people An entire country.   III. On the list of places I hope to visit, exploring and discovering.   Inspired by Ragtag Daily Prompt: Italian Come visit the Ragtag Community Blog and follow to […]

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Wardrobe Malfunction

Well, this could be construed as false advertising if you’re  expecting something along the lines of Janet Jackson’s Super Bowl unveiling.  No titillation involved here, unless you’ve a thing for tags and seams. Today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt is Check. And this is what I found when I looked down while finishing my bike ride this […]

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Well Hail!

It was a normal Monday evening. We finished dinner, washed up, and were watching a little Antiques Road Show on PBS (we are very fancy at my house). Then bam! the wind picked up, there was a little rain, some thunder and then HAIL.  Big-ass hail. One, two, three inches in diameter, coming down fast […]

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Considering stars Each a universal speck Enormous to me.   For Ragtag Daily Prompt: Stellar

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The Borders of Decency

Originally posted on The Green Study:
I’ve been reading about the U.S. immigrant situation and the separation of children from their parents for the last two weeks. My response, from the safety of my own study, has been to sign petitions, send money to the ACLU, write testy letters to my own representatives which, in…

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Beating the Odds

Originally posted on There Goes My Heart:
Tony Handler (Courtesy of Jack Hall, Tony’s Grandson) Eric Lagerstrom, a 29 year old from Gresham, Oregon, may have been the official male top finisher in the 2018 St. Anthony’s Triathlon, which was held on a beautiful April day in St. Petersburg, Florida. However, in the pack of…

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Do Over?

A great extinction Recovery then great flood Here we go again?   In response to today’s Ragtime Daily Prompt of Antediluvian .

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Target as Journey

Take aim at your goal Go for growth and improvement Progress towards health.   For today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt: Target Come visit the Ragtag community and enjoy the prompts and posts!

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Five summers ago, BA and I visited Iceland, taking advantage Icelandair’s policy of a free stopover on our way to Europe. We took four days exploring the southern part of the country. Our lodgings were set each night, and included two nights in a former elementary school that was now a small inn. Aside from […]

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100 for a week

Hello again, its me, Lucy One White. Well, after all last week’s excitement, with a grooming injury and my birthday and Mama Bets’ birthday, this week has been a little quieter.  I’m happy about that. I have healed up very well from my cut and I got my staples out on Wednesday. I’m happy they […]

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Today is June 15, 2018, and the Ragtag Daily Prompt is Cataract. Pingback to this page so we can all enjoy your work! Also, if you tag your post with Ragtag Daily Prompt and RDP, it also makes it easier to find. ? This is our 15th day of posts, and we’ve had a lot…


Where There’s Smoke

Today’s Ragtime Daily Prompt is Julienne. Julienned vegetables are often also described as being cut into matchsticks. And matches can start fires. Here in Colorado, we have 6 major forest fires burning at the moment, as you can see on this map. There’s also a fire just over the western border in Utah, and many […]

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So many choices How to choose? Oh, its easy I’ll taste everything.   for Ragtag Daily Prompt.  Come join in and follow the Ragtag Community to get your own  daily prompt!

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Not seen for a while Then suddenly appearing Great granddads habits.   That’s not what we do We aren’t that way, so rustic Well, maybe we are.     Inspired by today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt, Atavism.  Come visit the Ragtag Community, and follow to join the fun!

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Tri This: One Year!!!

One year ago today, I began my triathlon training adventure. I had been inspired by a report in my local newspaper about a sprint/mini-sprint race held at a rec center the previous weekend. I looked at the distances involved and thought “I can do that”. More importantly, I wanted to do that. Starting out, my […]

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Time for Change

You say last bastion Of decency. Whose rules Are you playing by? Perhaps its time to let go Of that which no longer serves.   For Ragtag Daily Prompt:  Bastion

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Today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt:  Limerence.  New words come into English all the time. Often they’re borrowed (stolen?) from other languages, words such as tsunami, boomerang and graupel. Sometimes they’re made up, like “limerence.” This word crossed my mind out of nowhere a couple of days ago, and I thought it might be fun (even if…

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Calliope and Ragabash

Calliope and Ragabash went walking hand in hand. All around the island they were searching for some land. Piles of phrases and scraps of speech Lay scattered cross the beach. Lonely punctuation and pictures partly drawn Wondered what had happened, where their careers had gone. They had heard the sirens, wondered what they’d meant They hadn’t […]

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RDP #9 : Ragabash

Ragtag Daily Prompt of the day : Ragabash Ragabash : scoundrel, ragamuffin, idle worthless fellow, shiftless disreputable person.  Mass noun: rabble or riff-raff Why?  I just love the way it sounds. ? Create a new post inspired by today’s prompt. Please tag it “RDP” and “Ragtag Daily Prompt”.  Also create a pingback to Ragabash (copying…

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A Pre Pickle?

Today’s featured photo is of one of my young cucumber plants. Its actually the only one that has survived a combination of hail and insects. I have some replanting to do if I want to have cucumbers this summer. I love fresh cucumbers, and I was hoping to make some pickles as well. We’ll see. […]

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Ragtag Daily Prompt #8: PICKLE

Today is June 8, and the Ragtag Daily Prompt is Pickle. Use it any way you like, link it back to this page and enjoy. To link, copy this:    and then paste it into your post with the link tool. If you put Ragtag Daily Prompt and RDP as tags, it will also…

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Lucy’s Birthday Bash!

Hello again, its me, Lucy One White, CENTENARIAN! Centenarian is a big word that means I am 100 years old. Yesterday was my birthday and I turned 20 years old in person years. The calculator for cat years says that means it is like a person being 100. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Even though posts […]

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Before I bought my house 30 years ago, I had never heard of clematis. My house was new; I was starting from dirt in terms of landscaping. That first spring, my brother and I built a deck I had designed, and I was talking with some of the folks at my office about my plan […]

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Welcome to the Ragtag Community Blog.  This is the place where all our Ragtag Daily Prompts will be located, so it should be much easier for everyone to play along.  We are indebted to Leaping Toes from Oh Border! for establishing the Ragtag Community Blog for us and for you. Without further ado, here is…

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I. Ominous in its Anonymity, the threat Infiltrates my dream.   II, Uncertain about What it is and certain that It is unwanted.   III. Proofreading each page Of my thesis. When turned, the Words fall to the floor.   IV. Fundraising on both PBS and NPR Member already.   For Ragtag Daily Prompt #6: […]

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Life is What Happens

While you’re making other plans. Or so the saying goes, along with some of its many variants, including one favored by a childhood friend. “You wanna make the gods laugh, tell them your plans.” There’s certainly been some of that going around my house recently. Illnesses, all thankfully resolved, technical glitches (likewise) and then today’s […]

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