The Zoo Book

via Daily Prompt: Zoo September, 1973. I arrive at Carleton College as a freshman. One of the items we are given during our orientation is the “zoo book”, a small book containing the names and photos of the members of the class of 1977. In most cases, the photos appear to be our high school graduation […]

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Snippets from a Morning Person

via Daily Prompt: Snippet I’m a morning person by nature. I recall getting up early for summer band practice, being up and making my breakfast while the rest of the household slept, and then walking to school. All before 7am, which is a bit unusual for a 12 year old. A few years later, my […]

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via Daily Prompt: One-Way With this for the daily prompt, I feel compelled to once again post my favorite sign:  As a traffic direction, I find this wanting. As a reminder that our options are often less limited than we might believe, I find it useful. A college classmate of mine was the oldest child […]

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Good-night, Sweet Prince.

“Now cracks a noble heart. Good-night, sweet prince; and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.”  William Shakespeare, Hamlet. Today we said good-bye to Jules the cat. He arrived in our lives more than 19 years ago, along with his sister Lucy. He’s been a wonderful fellow, even tempered, easy going. Such a sweet […]

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Early sunset calls Eyes to the sky. Stop and watch Stunning sky fire. The past few weeks, our weather conditions have been such that we have had gorgeous sunrises and sunsets. Scattered clouds, low moisture, the angle of the sun. I’m not sure which are the essentials, but they’ve been gorgeous. Last weekend, a number […]

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Appearing as the daily prompt, on Saturday morning, no less:  Underdog! As kids, we were pretty limited in our TV watching. First off, there wasn’t a lot to watch, as with our antenna in the attic and a hill between out house and the transmitters, we only got two channels: 4, which was an NBC […]

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Tri this: Month 5

I’ve been at this triathlon training project for five months now. The newness has worn off, and as I mentioned in Tri This: Month 4, one of my current challenges is finding the rhythm of training that works for the long haul. I’ve been working out regularly, 5 or 6 days a week, and I’m noticing […]

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It is the season for thanks, connection and all manner of challenges for some. That may be what I am most thankful for: that my challenges feel manageable to me. I have the great good fortune that the day to day struggles of survival are not a big issue in my life. I can’t take […]

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We have solar panels on our roof. They’ve been up there over 10 years now, and in the summer, we make a lot more power than we use, and while during winter we run a deficit, our net usage is around 1000 kW hours per year, about an 80 percent reduction.  The panels have worked […]

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