U is for Undone

As I wrote about yesterday, I’m working on the reset of the upstairs space of our house. I’ve moved my desk and bookcases, and the guest room is tidied, ready for next weeks guest. Is all my clobber sorted and put or given away? No.

Is more done today than was done yesterday? Yes.

Did I do some paperwork tasks that needed to be done? Yes.

Am I enjoying this project? No, but I do appreciate the results.

Are any of these items to be completed on my bucket list? Not a chance. If I die overnight, I won’t be relieved that I finished these jobs, although I will send condolences from the other side to whoever will have clean up duty.

Have I sorted the shelving unit that has a lot of BA’s stuff on it, including the never used sewing machine and 3 out of date printers? No. That’s undone. Hopefully I’ll make a start on it tomorrow, and BA will be in a position to be amenable to making some decisions about things. Its a day to day thing.

I suppose that the clearing and cleaning of items from one’s home is always somewhat undone as long as one continues to live there. Not unlike laundry. Unless you do it naked, there will be dirty clothes ready just as soon as you finish the last load. Oh well.

Written for the ragtag daily prompt of bucket list and the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge: U

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