B is for Bach

Johann Sebastian Bach is my favorite composer. There are many others, of many genres, whose music I also love, but when in doubt, give me Bach. This was reinforced for me yesterday. It was one of those days when I awoke out of sorts, irritable, sensitive, prone to take things personally, not unlike an overtired rambunctious toddler denying her need for a nap. Not a comfortable place to be in, for me or anyone in my vicinity.

After a bit, I went upstairs, and remembered it was Sunday. Colorado Public Radio’s classical channel has some fine programs on Sunday morning. Sing! features vocal music and its followed by the Baroque Show. I tuned in, and there it was, Bach coming over the airwaves. Listening for a few minutes, I began to feel myself settle, my nervous system reorganizing. Some of it seemed due to the rhythm, some to the melody.

This is the magic of music. Conscious or not, our systems respond to the sound, the rhythm. It can organize or disorganize, express a variety of emotions and concepts. And it can clearly facilitate healing, evoke memories and shift the energy of individuals and groups.

For me, when in doubt, play me some Bach.

And if you’re interested in listening, this is a link to CPR Classical. It can be streamed worldwide. Enjoy! https://www.cpr.org/classical/

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4 thoughts on “B is for Bach

  1. I love singing Bach in chorus. The one rule with Bach is that if he seems to be repeating a phrase, watch out! He will change it. No repeats! Tricky, that man.


  2. Bach is number 2 (Johanne Seb), but Beethoven has become numero uno. Back was number one for years because I could PLAY Bach. You didn’t need huge hands to do it, either. Beethoven was more difficult. It was more “athletic,” bigger sounds and my hands were never big enough. But since I’ve moved heavily into symphonies rather than concentrating on piano music, I’ve come to really appreciate Beethoven a lot more.


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