No Ink for me, Thanks

I’m a big chicken when it comes to needles. I don’t like shots, although with my science and medical background I do get the vaccines I find pertinent to maintaining my and the publics heath.

But voluntarily going in somewhere, giving someone money to have them poke ink into my skin with many little needles. No thank you. Although after last weekends shooting, I’d consider a rainbow flag somewhere.

Tattoo also can mean rhythmic drumming: An evening drum or bugle signal recalling soldiers to their quarters. Once again, I have little interest in being a soldier. The unquestioning following of orders isn’t a skill of mine. But, a call to dinner or bedtime, now you’re talking

Written for today’s ragtag daily prompt of tattoo.

4 thoughts on “No Ink for me, Thanks

  1. I completely agree — but then I don’t even have holes in my ears for earrings, or in my navel or anywhere else. With a propensity for cysts, punctures for other than medical purposes frighten me!


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