A Different Tooth Fairy

Today’s daily prompt is cavity, with an obvious link to teeth and dentistry. That I have a complicated and checkered history in this realm is an understatement, something to be explored in detail on another day. There is however, a short story I do have about cavities. My childhood dentist was a quiet man. He […]

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Tri This: Race #2

The indoor reverse tri.  20 minute run, 30 minute spin bike, 10 minute pool swim. It really does turn the traditional triathlon on its head. The order of events is reversed, starting with running and ending with swimming. And instead of doing a given distance in each event, one does it by time. Its an […]

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Missing the Sparks

The Flatirons Sparks are a  synchronized skating team based out of the Boulder Valley YMCA. They began eight years ago and I was recruited by the coach to be their volunteer manager. We started with eight little girls competing at a very basic level. Starting out, the Y gave us some unused ice time, 6:30 […]

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Meadowlark, Take Two

Meadowlark was one of my first posts, number 6, posted on July 5, 2017.  I’m reposting it today, in response to the daily prompt of Trill“>Trill. I do love the trill of the meadowlark, and now, in cold and snowy January, its missing. I run the same trails, but with a much different soundtrack, the […]

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Left, Right or Both?

What’s your dominant hand? Foot? Eye? I’m pretty right dominant. I write with my right hand, although I mouse with my left–that’s what happens when your partner is a lefty and that’s whose computer you learn on. Athletically, I prefer to start/lead with my right foot. This is where things are less common. In twisting […]

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Lucy’s Lament

I Lucy despise tardiness. I am particularly offended when such tardiness pertains to the provision of essential services. To wit: I am cat woman of some years, with serious health conditions requiring medications. Even as I dictate this report, one of my service people, Mama Steph, is rolling her eyes. Back to my medication. I […]

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Candid–No more Sugarcoating

Time for some candor on my part. You can be my witnesses as I tell myself an uncomfortable truth. I have a problem with sugar, and I’ve fallen off the wagon yet again. If I substitute sugar for alcohol in the first of the 12 steps of AA, its accurate enough. I admit that I […]

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I. sometimes an excuse to hurt or belittle in lieu of understanding II. Candid Camera Messed with ones perceptions Laughing with, not at. III. Unvarnished truth Breaking open cherished lies Illuminating IV. Candid not candied End of sugarcoating I’d rather not know Candid“>Candid

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We Need the Moisture!

Here in Colorado, “we need the moisture” is the oft-repeated phrase in response to precipitation. And with rare exception, such as happened 4 years ago when 18 inches of rain (near our annual average) fell in 2 days, its true. Snowpack is what we measure here, and a good (average or higher) depth suggests that […]

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Horizon: Finding Perspective

Looking to the sky, the horizon, I’m seeking information: What’s the weather, the time, what is coming up? I also realize that I’m seeking a perspective, something beyond the life of my small self and the vicissitudes of daily life. I’ve had the privilege of traversing the Grand Canyon via the Colorado River twice. My […]

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Shock talk Electric shock Anaphylactic shock Septic shock Shock and awe Shock therapy Its about overwhelm. An opportunity to wake up, reset, restart, review. Often ends in collapse and death. Have a care. Don’t try this at home. <a href=”http://Shock“>Shock

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Agile Quintet

I. Skilled skaters show Agile accommodation Ice is slippery II. Hiking icy trail Enjoying the scenery I’d best watch my step III. One day four seasons Winter spring summer and fall Oh Colorado IV. Paying attention Develops agility Weather changes plans V. Life is what happens While you’re making other plans Good to remember   […]

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Loopholes #2 — Social Convention

Mornings, along with enjoying my cup of coffee, I read. Email, newspaper, often a little something from the personal growth/spiritual realm. Somewhere along in there, I’ll check in on WordPress, catching up with whatever has occurred overnight in my blogosphere. The daily prompt appears sometime during this segment. Today’s prompt is loophole. Temporally coupled with […]

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Loophole Senryu Sextet

I. Pretending that you Will keep your word even as You plan your escape. II. Exit strategy Self congratulatory Avoidance masters III. A loophole or noose It depends on the contents And your perspective IV. Sleight of word or law A tricksters propaganda Intent to elude V. When walking ones talk Is too uncomfortable We […]

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Tri This: This Year

Well, its the first month of 2018 and many folks are making resolutions and plans.  So I’ll chime in here with a few of my own for triathlon and fitness, along with some race options that I am entertaining for this year. I started this tri-training project last June Tri This On, with an original […]

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Static and Dynamic Electricity. First edition, 1939. I’ve got the third. Grandpa’s book is still available on Amazon. Less static than I imagined Static“>Static

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Carving up the year

I’m not much for new year’s resolutions, but I do find the new year and other significant anniversary dates a good time for reflection and review. What’s working in my life, what do I want more of, and its opposite, what isn’t working and what might I want less of?  In other words, how do […]

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Undulating Twills and other Learnings

After her retirement following many years of teaching and performing music, my partner BA spent quite some time exploring, wondering when her next passion might reveal itself. Eventually, she found weaving. She’d done a little in her youth and enjoyed it, but her energies were largely expended in other ways, and finally with time, space […]

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A Treat I’m Truly Appreciating.

My morning started out fine. Up early, coffee, newspaper, email, light breakfast, off to the rec center, swim a mile. Shower, and I’m off doing a few errands, before getting to my office, where I imagine I’ll have time to write a post on Treat before my first client. Arriving at my office, I’m settling […]

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