Fall Swings

Its autumnal these days weather-wise. Yesterday was nearly cold, with a high of  56F (13C).  This morning, it was 38F (3C) when I headed out for my run. Time for an ear band and light gloves. The paper says that today’s high is predicted to be 86F (30C)! That’s an enormous temperature range to happen […]

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Good morning, Ragtaggers. Today is Friday, September 28, and today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt is Justice. Take Justice as your inspiration, and use it any way you like: prose, poetry, photos, art, food. Share your results with the community via pingback (directions on the about page if you need them). Thanks for reading and participating.

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Get Rowdy

Today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt is Effervescent.  One of my favorite fizzy drinks is kombucha, which is basically a fermented tea, often with some flavorings added in the second fermentation. I haven’t ventured into making kombucha, but I’ve sampled a variety of forms. I’m not big on sweet drinks, and some commercially available kombuchas have a […]

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Change it up.

Migration inspires Growth from a new perspective Not a quaint idea.   For this week’s Ragtag Daily prompts of Migration, Inspire and Quaint.  I’m slowly catching up.

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Crepuscule. Great word, meaning twilight. And as another blogger K. Ottaway noted, its easily mixed up with other words, if your mind is wired like mine.  Like corpuscle if you’re medically/scientifically inclined.  Crepuscular rays, light spread out from low horizon and clouds. Somehow, my mind likes to take crepuscular rays, turn them into crepuscular clouds […]

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Ice is slippery A reminder to all skaters Getting up again.   For today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt of Slippery

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Greetings to all you ragtaggers. Today is Friday, September 14 and the prompt is Grubby. Have fun, use it any way you feel inclined to, and share your efforts with us via pingback (directions are on our about page if needed).

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We are taking a few days at the Oregon coast, relishing some time at the ocean. It is a Feast for the senses here, the crash of the waves, the noisy gulls as they enjoy their morning repast of crab and mussels. The colors change as the sun lights the mostly cloudy sky, patches of […]

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Ah, Poor Bird

Ah poor bird Take thy flight High above the sorrows of this sad night.   I recall this round from years at Girl Scout camp, a fine source for group singing. It dates to Elizabethan times, but its actual origins are unknown.  I found this video of it on YouTube, done by a music teacher […]

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Tough outer coating Or a sharp expressive sound Armor or alert.   For today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt of Bark.

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