Beaches and Running

Beach running is a new adventure for me. BA and I are spending some time at the Oregon coast, one of my favorite places on the planet. Shortly after our return from the eclipse, BA mentioned that she really wanted some time at the ocean. As the ocean is my best place for relaxing and […]

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Quarterly Review of Blogging

Surprised. If I only get one word to describe the experience of my first three months blogging, surprised wins. Starting out, my intention was to share some of the items that trigger my quirky sense of humor such as odd signs and malaprops. I had just begun my triathlon training adventure and anticipated that some explorations […]

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Its a Sign!

Of what, I don’t know. Strange signs, advertisements that are goofy, things that may not be communicating what they intend to be. So for curiosities sake and entertainment, I present the following: In a recent grocery ad in my local paper: Wild and Farm Raised cannot both apply to the same piece of salmon. While […]

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Birthday Spin

A few years back, the adult daughter of one of my skating friends posted a video of herself doing a spin on her birthday. The idea caught my fancy, and I decided to follow her lead. Last September, I was slowly amping up my skating after shoulder surgery. You may not think that skating requires […]

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Tri This: Month 3

I began my triathlon training adventure on June 12. I’d been pondering it for a few weeks, my curiosity having been reactivated by an article in the paper about a local sprint length event. I recall reading it, looking at the distances involved, and saying out loud “I can do that”. More important was my […]

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Labor Day Pet Parade

One of my favorite events here in town is the annual Pet Parade. Held an hour before the “big” parade, its a two block parade on Main Street. Children bring their pets, animal or stuffy, costumed or not, and awards are given for age group winners; preschoolers up through teens. The parade starts with the […]

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Today’s Daily Prompt: Elevate  That’s my job several times a day. Our 19-year-old cats, Jules and Lucy made their debut in Living with Elder Cats. Since she was a kitten, Lucy has had a great fondness for drinking out of the faucet. Lets be more specific here, since she is. She likes to drink out of the faucet […]

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Eclipse: After

I joined a Carleton College Alumni Adventure and traveled to Salem, Oregon to experience last month’s total solar eclipse. Totality is a relatively rare event from the perspective of a human lifespan and the limited geographic area covered by a single eclipse’s path of totality. Thus, travel may be required to have a direct experience […]

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