S is For Snow

April 22, 2023. Its grey and snowing lightly. We got about 2 inches overnight. Most unpaved surfaces are covered with snow, although the roads and walks are clear, having held heat from previous days. It’s not unusual for us to get snow in April, in fact the only months I recall without snow in my part of Colorado are June, July, and August.

That said, we’ve had a warm and dry stretch, with record high temperatures in March and April, so the contrast with cold and snowy is more noticeable. Many of us, myself included, were used it being warm and classically springlike, despite spring snow being very classic around here. I don’t yearn for the hot and dry, we’ve had too many fires, so I’ll quote our usual refrain of we do need the moisture. There’s plenty of time for heat. Cool and wet is good.

The view out my front door today

I’m relieved that most of my flowering plants and the apple tree haven’t yet budded out, so they are unlikely to be damaged by the cold weather. I’m also glad I don’t have tickets for the local university’s spring football game today. I noticed a lot of tickets to the sold out event now for sale.

Me, I think I’ll mostly stay in, maybe make some soup and then go out for a walk. Happy Spring!

Written in response to the Ragtag daily prompts of surface and yearn and the Blogging from A to Z April challenge: S. I know I’ve skipped Q and R, I’ll get back to them one of these days.

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