I is for Indigo

Why? I love the color. Blues are my favorite colors, although I like all of them. But the gorgeous deep blue of indigo, the color of the sea or sky at evening, flowers that seem to shine and glow, there’s a magic there. And on feathers, once again I find delight.

Written for blogging from A to Z April Challenge: I

2 thoughts on “I is for Indigo

  1. Blue is an amazing color. I say that speaking as a painter. Some blue pigments are mysterious and helpful. Others are assertive and determined. The one I love most is ultramarine made from lapis lazuli. It’s a helpful blue — withdrawn and eager to please, it can be intense and dark if painted with a heavy concentration or fade into snow-shadows. Indigo is a stand-alone kind of blue. It wants to do its thing and its thing is great, but it has an undercurrent of black in the color that’s limiting in a painting. Cerulean is — to me — the color of the sky (in your water photo) most of the time and it’s very happy to work with white to do the whole sky ombre game. Some artists use a different blue Pthalo blue for example. All of them are beautiful.

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