Why Wasn’t I Informed?

Lucy One WhiteGood morning, its me, Lucy One White.

Why Wasn’t I Informed?  I Lucy am forced to say this often, as it seems that I am left uninformed about very important matters. A bowl may be placed in front of me while I am in a snit, and I will not be informed that it contains something that I Lucy may be interested in eating, say salmon or cream. I may go off in despair and look for something else to do, and then when I return, half starved or dying of thirst, one of my moms will show me the bowl in question and its contents. I’m very relieved to find that there will be food or drink for me, but I do not understand why I was not informed in the first place.

I have mentioned this to my moms on a great many occasions over the years, and nothing seems to change. I am worried about this, perhaps my moms are becoming demental as they don’t seem to learn very well. What will become of me? My moms say that they inform me and show me the contents of the bowl, but I think they are doing a covering up about this.

Do any of you other cats have this problem, and do you have any way of fixing this. Please inform me.  Thank you in advance.

10 thoughts on “Why Wasn’t I Informed?

  1. My advice to Lucy would be:
    in order not to miss meals free,
    seek out every bowl.
    Stop all hunger whole.
    Then from the scene you should flee.

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    1. they have to, because I take nasty medicine every day. Mama steph can stuff it down my throat, but she’s smart enough not to try. I don’t like to do traveling, but you could send your Mom up for training. I do online courses in pesting for cats, but persons need to be trained directly.

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    1. that’s very sensible, Martha. That’s so difficult for me. I do so enjoy a good snit. The problem is that I often forget why I’m snitting, and then miss the solution (like the arrival of dinner)

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