No More Daily Post?

I’m bummed. I don’t always read Ben Huberman’s posts, but when I saw yesterday’s title in my feed, which included Thank You, followed by an opening line of “Saying goodbye is hard”, I had a bad feeling.

The Daily Post with its daily prompt and other cues and supports for blogs is going away. Its been around a while, over seven years. As someone who has been blogging less than a year, I find this disappointing. Once I started using the prompts last summer, I’ve become both more regular in my writing, and have developed an increasing appreciation of the opportunity provided by the appearance of a semi-random word each morning. My response to the prompt varies, ranging from a long blank space to a flood of ideas. Almost every day at least something makes it into a post. Its good exercise for me.

I’ve met other bloggers, and of course, I can still follow their posts in my feed. That’s not going away. One of the other things I’ve enjoyed about the prompt is the variety of responses that are shown. Some of us will take a similar tack, and many times I really enjoy what someone else will do–its fun and its creative.

Now, I know that everything in life is finite. When I’m done with something, I’m done and I’m fine with moving on. However, like many people, I’m not always ready to be done on someone else’s schedule. This is one of those instances. I would like to continue with a daily post in some form or another.

Here’s my proposal:

I’m imagining that a less formal version could happen here, with other folks who are interested. I’d be willing to be a prompt generator, once a week or thereabouts. If others were also interested, then we could take it in turns to post a prompt, and then anyone who follows will see it in their feed and can use it or not as they see fit. Lots of possibilities here, I’m just throwing this out to get things started and see if anyone else is interested.

If you’re interested, put it in the comments below, and feel free to share this. Cheers!

33 thoughts on “No More Daily Post?

  1. Yes take this over and all is well. It will be a slower start, but you can do this. Excellent idea. Yes people come and go. I’ve been blogging a long time and many have quit and just do Facebook.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

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  2. I think Ben Huberman doesn’t get it, but I’ve thought that for a long time. I’d be happy to generate a prompt a week, too. I like the daily prompt because 1) it helps build community, 2) new bloggers have a starting place, 3) it’s consequence free — and I, as a writer, like having something to write that has no consequences and sometimes turns out good.

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  3. This sounds great! My blog is barely a couple of months old, and the prompts pushed me to write regularly when I started. Plus I connected with some fabulous bloggers. Would love to keep it going.

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  4. You said everything I wanted to say so well! The prompts really help me to consistently write. I’m all for it. I’d generate a prompt a week!! Thanks for suggesting it.

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  5. Yes, please include me, Steph. Great idea. I’ve only just started writing for the Daily Prompt. I don’t do it every day. My brain doesn’t think that fast, but I think it is improving from the exercise that the Daily Prompt gives it. What I regret most is that there are Daily Prompt contributors that I enjoy visiting from time to time but who I don’t actually follow. I won’t know how to find those people anymore! Plus, the Daily Prompt helps me work out who the ‘real’ people are, rather than just bots. Oh well. We’ll just have to work around it.

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    1. Great, I’ll count you in! From my reading, it looks like the old posts and responses will be kept, so you can go rummaging through and find folks. Not the same. I agree with you on the “occasionals” I’ve added a few follows for now to maintain contact, and will see if I sustain them.

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  6. It’s a good idea. I’d be wiling to do it too. I’m sad they are ending it too. I imagine it might be related to the European Union ruckus – having to take off all pingbacks by a person because it’s basically a comment whenever they request might be a pain but I can’t imagine it happening often. The prompts are so helpful in creating positive reinforcement — I’ve introduced the daily post to a few people and even though they’d been blogging mroe than a year, once they did a few daily post, they started getting likes and comments for the first time. That’s powerful stuff.

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    1. Indeed. Happy to have you part of the crew. The downside of a smaller circle is less circulation of the posts, but if it ripples out from each participant to their circle of followers, then we will have some potential for increasing “cross-pollination”

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  7. I agree, the prompts are inspiration and sometimes posts are short and sometimes long. Some have been poems too. I also love the weekly photography challenge too. I was so sad to read that as although a writer, I am a relatively new WP blogger. Anyway rambling, sorry, but yes, I’m in!

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