Guilty — Not

I’m not feeling guilty for adjusting plans to what is here now. Altering priorities. Taking time to breathe, reflect.

Stopping on a training bike ride to take in the beauty, and get a photo of same beauty, knowing its ephemeral nature. Staying connected to this world that is my home.

Yes, the “training plan” had more workouts than happened this week. Oh well. BA was sick, and that shifted priorities at home. I chose to spend my time in other ways. Construction at the recreation center closed the pool for 3 days. Yard chores that had been postponed due to wet weather moved up on the list.

Its been a different week than anticipated, and I’m content with the choices I’ve made. I think they have served me well, and served my household well. Not guilty.


17 thoughts on “Guilty — Not

  1. Never feel guilty for enjoying nature, or changing your training plans! I find that is what keeps me most fit is getting exercise in a variety of ways! Love this picture too! <3!


      1. I am unstapled (had to be sure I spelled THAT right! 😀 ) It was kind of fun showing my doc and her PA my scar. I think it was their first minimally invasive hip replacement experience. They were really impressed and wanted my doctor’s card.

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      2. My local doc is a wonderful young woman whose background is in humanitarian work. That also explains why she’d choose to work down here instead of some place where actual people live. But one of her main jobs is referring patients to other doctors, obviously, because we don’t have specialists down here.


  2. Similar to the advice you gave me: follow the spirit of the plan rather than letter of the law. The training experience and your triathlon journey is ultimately about fulfilment, and I don’t think a few works out less than planned is going to impact that 🙂

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    1. By and large, I agree with you. It can be useful information for when we don’t do a good job and if we take the input and release the rest (don’t hang onto it), then its good feedback. But using it as a driving force, or turning it into shame, its not only useless, its harmful, in my opinion.

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      1. yes, I have noted the challenge for many raised Catholic. That whole thing between unworthiness and being sent to hell for the minor foibles of living unconfessed seems goofy to me, and more about control than health.

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