Its a Sign!

In the never ending parade of curious signs, bumper stickers and labels, I present my latest collection:

Mattresses are raising money now–not enough being stored beneath them?
sign-fishing naked
Right now, I hope you’re paying attention to the road, Its snowing!
sign-imitation explosives
Just in case you were getting ideas–this display is in the Colorado School of Mines teaching mine. Found it on the tour led by my graduating mining engineer nephew.
That’s a specific passion–GFR stands for Glomerular Filtration Rate, an index of kidney function. This was on a BMW. I’m imagining the owner is a nephrologist, but who knows.
signs--life storage
Good for cats with 9 lives, but for the rest of us? Hmmm.

One more complication in life, when we realize that we aren’t doing what we thought we were!

 <a href="http://Complication“>Complication

10 thoughts on “Its a Sign!

  1. These are great. I used to have a powerpoint of obscure signs for my business communication classes to show them that what makes sense to the speaker (sign maker) might be hilariously funny to the reader. It was part of my constant endeavor to awaken audience awareness. 🙂

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      1. Their grades depended on how well they reached their audience. It was a hard lesson to teach, but every day I see its importance. Even here. Sometimes I read a blog post and I think, “Do you realize someone’s reading this?” though sometimes I write stuff I probably shouldn’t.

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  2. Your curiosity is endless and I love that about you. To take photographs of signs and comment on them is unique. They make me smile. I hope you have a fabulous day. FYI – When I was in San Francisco, the wild flock of parrots descended down into a small park near the wharf and made such a racket, it was deafening. I thought of you right away.

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    1. Glad you got a smile. There’s always something interesting if you’re willing to look. Parrots are amazingly loud. I had no idea before I met the San Diego flock


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