The New Daily Prompt–A Proposal

Greetings. I’m glad to note that I’m not the only one who would like to continue with a daily prompt.

So here’s what I’ve got so far in terms of interest as prompt contributors:  Me (Curious Steph), Martha Kennedy (I’m a Writer, Yes I Am), Lorna (, Curious Cat (CuriousCat99), Tracy (Reflections of an Untidy Mind), Sgeoil (Sgeoil),  Mary (Cactus Haiku and Cactus Cats).

I’ve also heard from several folks who are interested in receiving a daily prompt while not wanting the obligation of providing prompts. So we may have a nice little community to start with.

I propose that we begin as follows–and this is a proposal, a place to start from, and I am open to input from anyone, and most especially from those who will be prompt generators.

Start date: June 1

At the moment, we have 7 volunteer prompters. A simple option would be to each take a day of the week, and just keep rotating through. Another possibility would be to each take a week, and do that in rotation.

I suggest that the post go up early in the day. Its been arriving at 6 MDT so far, and continuing that or perhaps an hour earlier makes sense to me. And of course, its easy enough to schedule a post to go whether or not one is personally available in the moment.

An issue I’ve been pondering a bit is readership and seeing the prompt. If one follows all the prompters, it will then appear in one’s feed each day. However, I imagine that each of us has some unique followers who may not see prompts generated by all the prompters. One option would be to repost the prompt when received, thus sending it rippling out to the blogosphere. The downside of this approach is that some of us may then have it appear seven times in our feed, which has annoying possibilities. Any thoughts or ideas here? This is the downside of not having a centralized version. Mary at Cactus Haiku wrote some on this in her response to Ben Huberman:

What title be given to this  New Daily Prompt? Could use just that, and if someone has an inspired suggestion, put it out there.

29 thoughts on “The New Daily Prompt–A Proposal

  1. I don’t want to come up with prompts — too much like the job I retired from. 😉 I’m sorry if I gave that impression. I am happy to play along, though. You might also want to check out covertnovelist. I think she’s interested, too.


  2. You can add me, but not until September. We have surgery and other major life stuff going on through the next few months and I won’t try to undertake another task at the same time. But otherwise, absolutely yes.

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    1. You’ll be getting the posted prompts, can write as you see fit, and when the time is right and you’d like chime in, let me know. Best wishes for your summer adventures!


    1. as far as I can tell from the info they sent out, they are ending the repository. Old ones remain, but no new additions. I did see that someone else has a list of June 2016 prompts available.


    1. If you’re agreeable Patty, I’ll put you in the rotation for Sundays. Details to follow on how to post, etc. And as its fairly easy to schedule a post in advance, you can do it when its convenient. You can also send your words to me, and I’ll put them out on the appropriate day.

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  3. I’m okay with a week on if that is what works best. I’m not sure how we get it out there in one location, which of course is the ideal.


  4. Steph, I am happy to provide a prompt one day a week. Wednesdays are no good for me (I believe that is Tuesday for people in your part of the world). I think we should talk to Cee about how she manages her photo challenges. She may have some ideas. I will contact her.

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  5. I think it’s easier for me to have a fixed day once a week — If I have one week on and then several weeks off, I’m likely to forget by the time my week comes back up.

    I have an idea — wp has a text widget that can go in your sidebar or footer and it can do links. We can decide on the text like “prompt evolution: daily prompts by previous daily posters
    Monday: xxxx
    Tuesday: xxxx …..” and so on listing everyone. Then in our Post with the Prompt, in the explanation under the prompt — you know the area where DP explained the prompt/pingback/tags– we can also put in inline in the post the list of days/blogs and note that people can also see the names in the text widget.

    The plus to the text widget is if people see our Wednesday prompt on Friday, they can look at the menu or inline to see the friday person. The minus is as the group shifts — people dropping out and ohters jumping in, the people who have the sidebar promptLinks-mini-menu text widget will have to remember to update them.

    A lot of people use the text widget just to say a little about themselves or the blog but you can use it for other things too. I don’t know what the character limit is though so that may be a factor — we may have to go with name or initials rather than blog names to bring character count down. I have a text widget in my sidebar on Cactus Haiku which I use it to link a t-shirt I designed to where it sells on Amazon — so you can see it can do image and link. So I think we can use it to create a menu for days/blog prompters.

    just an idea

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    1. Good thinking. A bit technical for me. Maybe you would just have the coordinators in the text widget, so people could go directly to the page of the person looking after that day to access the word and create a pingback on their own page? Is that what you mean? Technology, technology, technology…. This is the point where I start getting nervous. 🙂

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  6. I’m okay with a day of the week if there’s seven of us. If we reach more than seven people, we can do this in rotation. Or some could handle the daily prompts; some could take over for the photo challenge. Though the timing of the prompt might vary depending on where we are in the world. (I used to receive them anywhere between 6 and 8 pm here.)


  7. Hello. Late to this post, but you can thank Judy Dykstra-Brown for the direction. I’d be happy to host a prompt word or phrase (question) now and then if you need more volunteers. I’d also like to receive a Daily Prompt. I’m now following you on WordPress (for however long my association with them lasts). Thanks for stepping into the breech as it were.

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