Assumption–But Wait, There’s More!

When assumption appeared as today’s prompt, a number of words that rhyme with it started rattling around in my head. Yes, my head is a noisy place. As did the Feast of the Assumption, a Catholic event that I know little about save for its existence. The stuff one learns by noticing what’s on a calendar. Phases of the moon, seasonal change, holidays, religious dates of significance. And there was a possible essay or two on the subject as well.

Recognizing the reality of my schedule and other obligations today, what follows is a series of strange 5-7-5 poems on the sonically linked words.


Body taken up

Into heaven following death

Mary’s assumption.


Assuming you know

What you’re talking about could

Be my presumption.


Demonstrate gumption

Stick with a difficult task

Upend assumption.


Beginning again

After an interruption

Oh that’s resumption


I have compunction

To mess with assumptions and

Confound presumptions.



9 thoughts on “Assumption–But Wait, There’s More!

  1. It’s a funny thing about that Assumption. Living in a catholic area of Switzerland for the past 50 years, we always got the holidays, one of them being “Mariahimmelfahrt” which translated roughly for me would be “The Ascension of Mary”. Only last year did I find out that the correct translation into English would be Assumption Day. I had been work free for 50 years on that day and never even knew what it was called.

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