Hurry Up!

Good morning, its me Lucy One White. While Friday is my usual day for writing, I am going to do some extra writing today, because the word rapid is something I have very strong feelings about. Most things that arise in me have a strong sense of urgency. I need what I need and I […]

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If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

Spring’s got it this year. The blooming trees are glorious, as are the bulbs and early plants. The other morning, as I was heading out early on my bike, the air was still.  Every few feet, I experienced a different scent–each tree in bloom was making its own distinct contribution, and without wind or automobile […]

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Homeowner Triathlete

I’ve been encountering some schedule and fitness issues recently. Last week, we finally got a few days of badly needed rain. This messed a little with training plans. While I saw one hardy runner out in the downpour, I was not so inclined. And while I might consider running in the rain, forget biking. Too […]

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Haiku Bubbles

I. Champagne Fizzy on the tongue Effervescent delightful I am drinking stars.   II. Wrap Protective cushioning Its plastic covered air Less postage more waste.   III. Beverly Sills She sang everywhere The Met and Sesame Street Opera for all.   IV. The Boy No immune system Protective isolation Hard way to survive.   V. […]

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I. Inhale then exhale Or the other way around Both needed to live   II. Driven by the moon Oceanic ebb and flow Rhythms of nature   III. Seasonal features Ever changing, essential Can’t remain the same   IV. Empty heart must fill Circulation requires Full heart to empty <a href="http://Tide“>Tide  

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Puddles and Stuff

  Hi, its me Lucy One White! We are finally having springing here, and I Lucy am going outside a little bit more. My sunny deck is nice on my bones, and there are a lot of good smells. Then we had raining for two days. My moms say that is very good because its been […]

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wonder, observe

I. Look at me! I’m so excited Childhood joy. II. Observe just notice No need to judge, change, alter Awareness is all. III. Paying attention Might just yield information Shifting perspective. IV. Observe take your time Allow questions to emerge Curious. What’s this?   Observe“>Observe

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Change of Plans

Well crap. This wasn’t how it was ‘sposed to go. Screech Bang Scream Scream — a problem, but not dead (yet). No, no, no, leave me alone, I just wanna sleep, its my day off. Please? There are no days off from life. Well crap. Abrupt“>Abrupt

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Wearing Your Heart on Your Sleeve

To do it or not Wearing your heart on your sleeve Its your heart, your call.   Wearing your heart on your sleeve refers to someone who openly expresses their emotions. I’ve heard it used in both derogatory and laudatory contexts, which is not surprising given how loaded the expression of emotion is for many […]

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