Lucy’s Difficult Week

Lucy One WhiteHello, its me, Lucy One White.

Its been a hard week for me. First, we had a lot of raining last weekend. This is good for puddle drink, and I enjoyed that part, but every time I wanted to go outside, water would get on my fur.  This makes me MAD! I flick my tail, and I stomp my little feet and I go back inside, and then I get thirsty, go out for a nice drink and it happens again (and again, and again).

Then, Mama Bets got sick. She had some sort of a virus or something. So she didn’t do much but sleeping and resting. This interrupted my services, which I found disappointing. Mama Steph did substituting on duties, but sometimes it took a while to get a meal or to have my box cleaned. Why one day my 4 boxes were only cleaned one time each. What’s a cat woman to do?  Mama Bets is better now, which is a good thing.

Also, because of sickness, sleeping arrangements were altered. Mama Steph did sleeping in the other room so she didn’t get sick, too. This is okay, as I could still sleep on top of her, which is important. What’s bad is that Mama Bets would close the door to her sleeping room, which is my favorite room because it has my best drinking station. When I got thirsty in the night, I couldn’t use my best sink. Mama Steph told me to use the special glass of water that she put in our sleeping room. I mostly got mad about that so I would get Mama Steph up by yelling at her and walking on her until she took me downstairs for a drink and an snack. Complaining is very hungry work.

Things are a little better now, I am recovering. I felt better enough this morning that I sat in the living room on a chair before I looked out the window to inspect things. I even let my moms take my picture which I don’t usually do:

lucy chair
Don’t I look nice here in the chair? I think my tail looks excellent!

And then right after I took this nice picture, another bad thing happened. Mama Steph did cutting of my claws! I hate that. It doesn’t hurt, and it only takes a minute, but it is insulting, and I Lucy think that as a grown woman cat I can have my claws long if I want to. My Moms say because my nails were getting caught on stuff and I was getting stuck I should have them cut. I am filing a formal complaint on this. (Mama Steph always says “Duly Noted” when I tell her this, and I get even madder).

So, as you can plainly see, its been a very challenging week. I hope others have not had to suffer as badly as I have. I am glad that Mama Bets is feeling better, and I hope that with two moms home for the holiday weekend, services will improve. Have a good weekend yourself and remember to help the cats!


14 thoughts on “Lucy’s Difficult Week

  1. Your life is so unfair. Bwahahahahahahaha. I found a lot of humor in this. I found that you’re very selfish. You’re acting just like a cat. Good for you.

    I’m happy Mama Bets is feeling better. After all she need to take better care of you.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday and weekend. My best to your peeps. ♥

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    1. Mama Bets is mostly better now, thanks you. I Lucy have 4 boxes because I pee a lot, my kidneys don’t concentrate good, so I drink a lot. When my brother Jules was here, we had 6 boxes, cause he didn’t move so good. It’s hard being old cats. I poop just regular.

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