Goodbye, Old Prompt. Hello, Ragtag Daily Prompt.

I still consider myself new in the blogging world, having been doing this less than a year. As I noted earlier this week, I’ve really come to enjoy the daily prompts, both for the writing challenge–come up with something! and even more so for the community I’ve found. I’m not happy about its departure, and as is so often the case, I wasn’t consulted. Darn. Oh well.

I am not alone in wanting to continue with some sort of a daily prompt. Many readers have suggested that they would like to continue as well, and seven of us have agreed to generate prompts once a week. Tracy of Reflections of an Untidy Mind suggested Ragtag Daily Prompt as a new name, and befitting our willing volunteer status, with variable skill sets, I think its a good one.

So here’s what you can expect going forward (today’s prompt is retrospective, and I’m mostly being prospective): A daily prompt should post every morning, starting tomorrow, June 1. Currently, they arrive at 6 am mountain daylight time (which is 12 noon Greenwich mean time), and I’m suggesting that this continue. That said, some of your new prompters live in very different time zones, I think we are from Europe, the US, and Australia, so flexibility may be important. I’m listing the prompters along with their days and their sites below. If you follow each of the prompters, then you will have immediate access to their prompt.

Monday:  Sgeoil

Tuesday: Lorna, Gin and Lemonade

Wednesday: Curious Cat

Thursday: Tracy, Reflections of an Untidy Mind

Friday: Steph, Curious Steph

Saturday: Mary, Cactus Haiku

Sunday: Martha, I’m a Writer, Yes I am!

We will use ragtag daily prompt as a tag as well as including it in the title, so if you search by that tag, you should find something.


43 thoughts on “Goodbye, Old Prompt. Hello, Ragtag Daily Prompt.

  1. This is great! Thanks Steph for taking the lead on this. Absolutely love the name. I’m looking forward to a new adventure. Now I just have to learn how to tag and hopefully reblog this on Sgeoil.

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    1. Actually, the way I figure it, you won’t blog for another week. Today is Thursday in most of the blogosphere, and for all our posters save you. I didn’t think about how confusing that may be for you on the other side of the IDL. Time of posting ideally will be noon GMT, not sure what time that will be for you, something a bit after midnight the next day, I suspect–I don’t know where in Australia you live. Will it work for you to post on what is essentially early Friday for you and Thursday for most others? You did send me your first 4 prompts, and if you like, I’m fine with setting them up to post on the dates you outlined for them.

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  2. Reblogged this on Sgeoil and commented:
    A group of us have taken up where Daily Post has left off. I’m a prompter on a new daily prompt called ragtag daily prompt. Happy to have you follow along and participate in the prompt!

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  3. Patty at lovenlosses pointed out my follow button is missing on Cactus Haiku. I’ll try to fix that (on friday) — the widget I had hasn’t been updated to the latest WP or updated in the last 10 months. Because of all the recent changes, I think it’s better if I find one whose creator/s keep it up to date so I’m looking for another one. So I apologize in advance for making people click a link.

    Also I had a writing prompt page that I created for a blogging meetup I’m in. I’ve put the ragtag prompt list of folks at the top so there’s a list. It’s a page, not a post so it’s in the menu to make it easy to find. There’s also a photo prompt page.

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    1. ok, back to my follow button misadventures. While I liked the floating follow button, since the creator wasn’t keeping up with wp changes, I found some alternatives. A WP button (actually a wp generated script but it works), an email subscriber and a bloglovin button for folks who aren’t wp and follow blogs from all over. So now all 3 are in my right hand menu. I hope that works for folks.

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  4. Sounds great! I put up separate blog-posts for the new daily prompt community, and today’s word. I haven’t figured out how to do the pingbacks so I can’t get the links like you put up. They’re just showing as tags so far.


  5. Er….now does the RDP start TODAY (Friday, June 1st) or are we to wait until Monday and start then? Forgive me for being dim. It’s sort of early (I’m MST) and the caffeine has not begun to kick in yet… >U+1F616<


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