Well, Its Not a Rooster.

To start with, these are awkward photos–taken into the sun on my run this morning. I often run around this small lake in town, as its a soft path with a bit of nature, a gorgeous view of the mountains, and coming to and from my house, it makes a tidy 5K run.

The houses surrounding this bit of open space are on the large side, as its a pretty nice place to live (see above virtues). However, this morning I became aware of an awkward aspect. As I was running, I heard a lot of goose honking, which isn’t surprising as a number of geese spend time here, and I’ve seen a few families with goslings recently. However, as I was finishing my lap of the lake, I looked up and realized that some of the geese were perched atop the roofs of these houses.

One house had a singleton goose, looking for all the world like a ship’s figurehead, I’m sorry I didn’t stop and get that photo, and then as I progressed, I realized the next house had two geese on its roof. Back and forth went the shouting and honking, I was reminded of opposing teams at a football game.

Great house, great neighborhood and views, but don’t try to sleep in!


10 thoughts on “Well, Its Not a Rooster.

    1. I give them a wide berth when they and I are sharing the path. Generally they are fine, and they went after a little kid last summer (the kid chased them) I am respectful, particularly in baby season

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      1. Hahaha, yes true- the damn bladder!! I’m just about to do a post about that actually, as I know from my Pilates training that we CAN make some changes to its behaviour, so stay tuned x

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