A Treat I’m Truly Appreciating.

My morning started out fine. Up early, coffee, newspaper, email, light breakfast, off to the rec center, swim a mile. Shower, and I’m off doing a few errands, before getting to my office, where I imagine I’ll have time to write a post on Treat before my first client.

Arriving at my office, I’m settling in and I realize my phone is missing. I search all my bags completely, check my car twice, search my bags again, and its not there. Oh shit. I know I had it when I was leaving the rec center as I had checked for messages. Did I set it on top of my car while I was loading and sorting my clobber? Maybe. Oh shit.

So back to the rec center I go, grateful its nearby. I ask at the front desk, and the second receptionist tells me, yes, it was brought in by someone who found it in the street. So I did leave it on the roof of my car and it fell off.  Because it was found in the street and not the parking lot, they suggested that the finder take it next door to the police station.

I headed next door to the police department, where in a few minutes, I am greeted by a young officer, who hands me his phone so I can dial my number. I hear a doorbell chime (that’s my ringtone) and sigh with relief. I thank the officer, take my phone and am on my way, still with 15 minutes to spare before my next appointment.

What a treat to live in a community where if someone finds a phone in the street, they take it somewhere so it can be claimed. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Kind, helpful, considerate human beings, willing to take a little effort on an unknown person’s behalf. This is community, I’m not surprised, because its my experience that the vast majority of the folks in this town are thoughtful and considerate, and at the same time I am truly grateful, as I’m well aware that it could have gone differently. Thank you, Louisville!

My big learning for the day is to continue to appreciate and trust the people of my town. My second biggest learning: treat myself and my belongings better–don’t put stuff on the roof of my car! And no, this post on Treat is not the one I had been planning earlier, that will be a treat for another day.


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