Tri This: Race #2

The indoor reverse tri.  20 minute run, 30 minute spin bike, 10 minute pool swim. It really does turn the traditional triathlon on its head. The order of events is reversed, starting with running and ending with swimming. And instead of doing a given distance in each event, one does it by time. Its an interesting way to change things up in the winter, and a good way to accommodate an indoor race at a recreation center. So that’s the theory.

I’m signed up, and the event is at a rec center south of Denver that I’ve never been to, so that  will be its own adventure.  In advance, here are my hoped for distances: 20 minute run at 12 minute pace: 1.66 miles. 30 minute bike at 4.5 minutes per mile: 6.5 miles. 10 minute swim: I usually swim 1600m in 42 or 43 minutes, my fantasy mileage suggest 400m in 10 minutes.  Now the more likely distances: run 1.5 miles, bike 5.5 miles, swim 350m. I’m writing this part 2 weeks before the race. Details to follow.

And they’re off!

Here’s how it went: Most importantly, I had fun.  This was a very relaxed event, with 12 people in my heat. I think we were the 50-plus age group, so it was fun to be hanging out with one’s peers, age-wise at least. We visited with each other, getting to know a little bit about each other, in a friendly rather than competitive manner.

I posted my hoped for distances (strange to do distance rather than times) above. I’m pleased that I went a little further than my fantasy in each event: Run 1.8 miles, Bike 7.7 miles (that could have been greater had I figured out the controls on the  spin bike earlier in the race, but no matter, there’s always next time), and Swim 425 meters. Its interesting to me that I did better in this event than I had any inkling that I would.

What I’m happiest about is that this wasn’t hard. I challenged myself a little, but I felt as though I paced myself well, and finished the race comfortably. Working harder than my average workout, but also not feeling like I over extended myself and in need of prolonged recovery.  Quite a change from my first race last summer, when the running portion of the race was very much a struggle. This tells me three things–one, I’m getting better at running, two, my fitness level is improving, and three, I can probably push myself a little more in my day to day training, if I’m so inclined.

So overall, its a good mornings effort, and I’m feeling excited about continuing to train, and am now looking for some more ways to keep interest and variety in this triathlon adventure of mine.

race cap
Mini-swag from a mini race, and I am actually happy to have a cap rather than a T-shirt!


13 thoughts on “Tri This: Race #2

    1. It was a lot of fun, AJ, more than I had anticipated. I think the smallness helped, really able to connect with people–and of course on inside bikes, we could actually converse while riding, not something that would happen outdoors.

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  1. So first off, way to go, you did great!! So amazing that you outdid your goals. Second, I really think this is a cool concept—having the time set and just going for as much distance as you can. I remember a blogger I was reading consistently for a while did this with her marathon training as well and I thought it was really interesting. Glad you had fun with it and got a solid workout in as well!

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  2. This sounds like a great event!!! I love the idea of going for time instead of a set distance… seems like that would take some of the pressure off!

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    1. It really was a lot of fun to do it this way. Every one goes by time. Of course on the track and in the pool, you have some sense of relative speeds, but it really becomes much more about showing up for yourself.

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