Candid–No more Sugarcoating

Time for some candor on my part.

You can be my witnesses as I tell myself an uncomfortable truth.

I have a problem with sugar, and I’ve fallen off the wagon yet again.

If I substitute sugar for alcohol in the first of the 12 steps of AA, its accurate enough.

I admit that I am powerless over sugar and that my life has become unmanageable.

The unmanageability of my life is open to debate, but the powerlessness over sugar is clear.

I’m frustrated, irritable, sad about this. And at the same time, even as I write this, I feel some relief. I AM READY TO BE DONE WITH THIS!  Substitute willing for ready and that’s a more reasonable statement.

Time starts now.  Details to follow.

Meanwhile, I’ve got work to do, clients to see, and I gotta go.

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8 thoughts on “Candid–No more Sugarcoating

  1. Sugar, sugar, sugar…. I hear ya. It’s the worst and it’s in EVERYTHING. Especially in the chocolate that I keep buying and eating even though I say I’m stopping that bad habit!! I’m curious to hear about your plan of attack!!

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  2. You’ll kick this. I’m confident of it. I’ve got some info on a great cleanse–let me know if you’d be interested. Not a juice cleanse and not super restrictive at all (well to me, I guess I shouldn’t say that–my point is you won’t be hungry!). I do it once or twice a year just to hit the reset button and get back to my once a week sugar/treat sched. You got this lady. x

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    1. Thanks for the support, Cat. Yes, I’ll take the cleanse info, please. My general mindset is one of moderation, but at this point I think something different might be in order (inpatient?-not really, but there’s a temptation–abdicating responsibility for choice). more later, (darn work stuff) but your post yesterday was an important catalyst here, so thanks!

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  3. Have you seen ‘That Sugar Film’ and accompanying website? It shows brain scans where consumption of sugar lights up the same parts of the brain as cocaine. So your addictive struggle is REAL. Craving sugar can also mean your body actually wants protein, and if it’s chocolate you seek, that’s often Magnesium. I hope this helps! G


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