Lucy’s Lament

I Lucy despise tardiness. I am particularly offended when such tardiness pertains to the provision of essential services.

To wit: I am cat woman of some years, with serious health conditions requiring medications. Even as I dictate this report, one of my service people, Mama Steph, is rolling her eyes. Back to my medication. I take pill every morning and some afternoons. (Mama Steph does know the schedule, I’ll give her that–1/2 pill every morning and 1/4 pill every afternoon except Monday and Friday). I also take tass every morning. (MS–that’s one scoop potassium once daily).

All right, where was I? On the bathroom counter howling for a drink. No matter that the faucet is slowly dripping and I could do it myself, I want some attention, some stroking and admiration. I am nearly twenty after all.  Oh yes, tardiness.

Morning pill. Morning means after midnight. I prefer some time between 4 and 5 am for getting up. Just because “its too dark and too cold”– God, I hate that phrase! is no reason for a cat to be denied services. It was nearly 6 this morning before I was given my pill, dissolved in a bit of cream, and almost 7 before the tass in tuna was provided. This is serious. For third breakfast, I was only offered cat food which I did not eat.

I Lucy beseech you readers to help me. Report this tardiness to the appropriate authorities. Mama Steph is late with services, I could be harmed. And then you know what she will say–she will tell me that an hour or two one way or the other doesn’t matter with my medicines. She’s a people doctor, she doesn’t know nothing about cats. Tardy matters!


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