In The Wasteland, T.S. Eliot famously stated that April is the cruelest month.  That is of course, a matter of opinion and experience. Concerning the weather, it seems true this week.  Monday was pleasant and Tuesday was pushing towards hot, with a high above 80. The kids were out in shorts and sandals, it was high spring. Then, as I wrote yesterday, we had another bomb cyclone move through, with blizzard conditions on Wednesday.  Things were mostly melted out by yesterday afternoon. This morning, I awakened to another 3 inches of snow.

Almost always around here, we need the moisture, and it’s true again. There have already been a few wildfires, supported by warm temperatures and high winds. The moisture from the snow adds a little retardant to the mix.

If you’re going to bloom around here, you’ve gotta be tough, as these photos from my garden this morning illustrate.

Sun and snow arrive

Their schedule not my making

Hardy blooms persist.


For today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt of April.

4 thoughts on “Cruel?

  1. For me, February has always been the hardest month – when I am weary of being inside, when I am up to here with snow and cold, when I dream of spring arriving the first of March – why, I do not know, because spring never really arrives the first of March. By April there is hope – sometimes dashed by a rogue snowfall, but still there are buds forming and more sunshine, and grass growing in flower beds where I do not want it. That’s today – tomorrow we might get snow. Mother Nature does not like me.

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