Its a Sign! Pacific NW Edition

I’ve spent the last several days in NW Oregon and SW Washington. I love this part of the world, and its very different from my usual residence in Colorado. Found a few signs and bumper stickers to share. Some strange, some funny, and others simply very different from life in Colorado.

With this first sign, I was struck by the juxtaposition of drinking and loss of teeth–that’s a bad bar fight. Then I noticed what was lower down on the sign. Another way to lose teeth. Just missed the candy store to complete the trifecta!dentureliquor-e1506816978229.jpg

Unique to coastal living is the danger of tsunamis. These aren’t funny, and this is the first place I’ve stayed where there has been a warning and escape route posted in the room. The other signs are from a nearby street, and at the Ft Clatsop National Park Visitors Center.

Information posted in our apartment
tsunami evacuation route
Don’t stop, go this way!
tsunami assembly
I assume its the people who assemble here

And as long as we are enjoying marine life:

keep off the whales
Long Beach, Washington. Wooden whale sculptures. Keep off! Please!

Now for the bumper stickers. Our hosts sported this wonderfully inclusive version:

in our america
A welcoming sentiment!

And in closing, we spotted a new variation on a fairly universal theme:

Maybe this will motivate some usage. I’m okay with whatever works.

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