Its a Sign!

Of what, I don’t know.

Strange signs, advertisements that are goofy, things that may not be communicating what they intend to be.

So for curiosities sake and entertainment, I present the following:

In a recent grocery ad in my local paper:

soopers ad
Wild and farm raised at the same time? I think not. King Soopers ad in Daily Camera, 8/30/17

Wild and Farm Raised cannot both apply to the same piece of salmon.

While I’m looking at food, I was confused by this suggestion that I make a cube out of my crumbles, although it could keep someone occupied for a while:


Now here is a fine priority:

pie contest sign
Pie wins! Part of the Louisville Fall Festival

Fall is coming, and with it pumpkin spice madness.  Methinks its gone too far:

pumpkin spice greenies
Do dogs care about pumpkin spice?

I appreciate safety warnings, and I know the intent. I can’t decide if I need to beware of a lurking dimpled white monster, or if this is a new protected species:

golf balls

One of my all time favorites, part of the inspiration for this blog

Its still there, nearly a year after I first noticed it.

If you have some favorite signs or such to add, I’d love for you to add to the collection!

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