Crepuscule. Great word, meaning twilight. And as another blogger K. Ottaway noted, its easily mixed up with other words, if your mind is wired like mine.  Like corpuscle if you’re medically/scientifically inclined.  Crepuscular rays, light spread out from low horizon and clouds. Somehow, my mind likes to take crepuscular rays, turn them into crepuscular clouds and from there to lenticular clouds. An ever changing place, my mind, with word games and linkages. Not unlike the sky and its formations, crepuscular or otherwise.

I took a number of crepuscular photos last week at the Oregon shore, here’s a few:

OR sunrise
OR Sunrise 2
Sunrise 2
cloud dragon
Cloud Dragon?
OR Sunset
Evening show


For this week’s Ragtag Daily prompt of Crepuscular.

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