Fall Swings

Its autumnal these days weather-wise. Yesterday was nearly cold, with a high of  56F (13C).  This morning, it was 38F (3C) when I headed out for my run. Time for an ear band and light gloves. The paper says that today’s high is predicted to be 86F (30C)! That’s an enormous temperature range to happen within 10 hours or so.

I’ve always enjoyed the generally cooler weather of spring and fall. Today’s temperature swing reminds me of one of the seasonal challenges I faced. Coats. As a child, my mom wasn’t about to let me head off to school in frosty weather without a jacket. Reasonable enough. But after school, carrying that hot and heavy coat home in the afternoon heat was miserable. And leaving the coat at school was not acceptable, an approach I quickly learned to avoid. I just had to haul that coat.  I think that’s one of the many reasons I am so appreciative of todays warm and lightweight jackets. They are easy to carry or stuff into a daypack.

Colorful leaves, apples, frost, and bright skies. I do enjoy autumn. Cheers!


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10 thoughts on “Fall Swings

  1. The sign of autumn and drooping temperatures for me is my hands: they have a tendency to get very dry, very cracked and very sore in close-to-zero temperatures. Need to be better with hand care and moisturising! Hat, gloves and Buff are starting to make more frequent appearances during training runs 😀

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