Get Rowdy

Today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt is Effervescent.  One of my favorite fizzy drinks is kombucha, which is basically a fermented tea, often with some flavorings added in the second fermentation. I haven’t ventured into making kombucha, but I’ve sampled a variety of forms.

I’m not big on sweet drinks, and some commercially available kombuchas have a lot of sugar in them. Not as much as your average soft drink, but considerably more than I am interested in drinking. Some sugar is needed to fuel the yeast and bacteria that do the fermentation, but a lot is not necessary.

A company near me is known as Rowdy Mermaid. Now that’s a pretty fine name, in my opinion, and I like their logo as well. Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 9.38.03 AMBetter yet, I really like their kombucha, and it’s available in bottles and on tap around town. I now have a pair of refillable jugs that I reload every week or two at my local market.

Alcohol and I don’t get along well, so a glass of kombucha on ice or not makes a fine evening “cocktail” for me, adding a celebratory feel to being at home for the evening. Cheers!

This is a very late posting for effervescent–interruptions in process and all that.

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