RDP #3: Imagination

Today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt is Imagination.

This prompt was submitted by Patty of Lovenlosses.

Use your own imagination to post something related to imagination. If you use “Ragtag Daily Prompt”, “RDP”, and “Imagination” as tags, it will be easier find others who have also used this prompt. A wingback to this post may also make your post easier to find.

We are still early days on this project, and so don’t have a grid available, although we are investigating and experimenting with linking formats and options.

Our volunteer prompters and our days of the week to prompt are as follows:

More details about Ragtag are available in this post, and I (curious Steph) now have a page on my blog where I list all the prompts in the event you’re looking for inspiration or history, you can find it here.

Happy writing, suggestions are welcome, spread the word, and thanks for participating!

23 thoughts on “RDP #3: Imagination

    1. It may have worked just fine. Its probably an issue on my side–I have to approve the ping backs and links, and I wasn’t on line at the time (so hard to get good help). See if its there now. More of the work in progress thing.

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      1. Yay! Mary put a comment warning about this in her post yesterday. I neglected to do that when I got late notice that Patty was having tech issues and I was putting her word up for her past my bedtime–and oh boy, do my cognitive functions fade then.

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    1. it should be up now, I have to approve the links manually and was off line (providing Lucy care and doing laundry–how very glamorous) Should be okay now. Sorry for the delay


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