We Have a New Sunday Prompter!

Position filled: Welcome Martha Kennedy–https://marthakennedy.blog

Greeting Ragtag Prompt folks!

Patty has decided that it isn’t going to work for her to be a prompt generator. So we have an opening. Hiring is a bit of an overstatement, we are all volunteers.

What’s required: A willingness to generate a prompt once a week and post it. We have a Featured image that we use (I will email you a copy, and then its there when you need it)

At this point, we Ragtaggers are all still learning, so how things work may change,  and so a willingness to tolerate a communal learning curve is good. Each of us has different skills and I think we are fairly flexible overall.

Because we are each posting from our personal sites, the day your post goes up, you get some increased traffic and there can be a need to moderate ping backs, and new commenters, so its helpful if you can be available to check your site periodically.

The current slot to be filled is for Sunday, and if that really doesn’t work for you, someone may be able to trade for a better day.  Our current prompters are:

Monday:  Sgeoil

Tuesday: Lorna, Gin and Lemonade

Wednesday: Curious Cat

Thursday: Tracy, Reflections of an Untidy Mind

Friday: Steph, Curious Steph

Saturday: Mary, Cactus Haiku

Sunday: Martha, https://marthakennedy.blog

Let me know if you are interested.


20 thoughts on “We Have a New Sunday Prompter!

  1. I would be interested as I find hosting prompts quite entertaining. I am sure you’ll get lots of interest though.


      1. Your response to me got lost in wordpress cyberspace (because you were a first time poster for my site), and so I gave to job to Martha. I think its likely there will still be opportunities to fill in, and I’ll keep you in mind.
        Thanks, and I’m sorry for the confusion.

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      2. No problem. The good thing that’s happened to WP with the daily Prompt defunct is that more and more bloggers are coming up with prompts! That is great! More people getting involved in the community is a good result.

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      3. thanks, I appreciate your understanding, and yes, I agree the variety of community responses is encouraging! I may start writing to some of the other options when this becomes more self-sustaining. (fantasy is important)

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    1. Hi Cheryl (I think that’s your name, I was hunting on your site for a contact button). We now have an opening for a Tuesday prompter (and we can certainly arrange a switch if something else would be better for you, although with being able to schedule prompts on our new site, you can basically do your prompt anytime that’s convenient for you, and it can go out at its designated time.

      At any rate, are you still interested in being a prompter? The position is yours if you wish, and if the answer is no, that’s fine, too. We’ve gotten a bit more organized with the ragtag community site being a centralized venue. We also have a private FB page for everyone who posts, which makes it easier to communicate. Long chain emails were a problem to follow.

      Let me know, either by responding here, or you can email me at stepsmythe@gmail.com.



  2. Steph, I think I may need a couple of new administrators on my blog to expedite the pingback approval process. I think I’ve worked out how to do this. The problem for me is that because I am in a completely different time zone from others, when I post the prompt, if I’m behaving myself, I ought to be going to bed soon after. What do you think, Steph? Should I ask others in the team whether they would be willing to approve some of my pingbacks while I’m catching some zees?

    Alternatively, I could ask that contributors schedule their posts/pingbacks for a time when I am more likely to be bright eyed and bushy-tailed. I could give a timeframe (eg. eight hours after the post appears). Where there is a will, there is a way. What do you think?

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    1. Very good and valid question. I’m just up feeding the cat in the middle of my night,
      I will get back to you. I don’t know how to give someone else access to your site for admin. Is it possible to not need an ok on pingbacks? Hmmm

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  3. If the slot is filled by Ms. Kennedy, then are you looking for alternates? I’m always game to try it, but Sunday is a rather difficult day. When or if you are looking for a prompter again, (any day) let me know. I’d be honored.

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