Good Night, Sweet Prince (ss)

Now cracks a noble heart.

Good night, sweet prince;

And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

William Shakespeare, Hamlet


Today we said goodbye to Lucy, known to many of you as Lucy One White when she wrote her Friday columns. Lucy turned 20 in June and has been in precarious health for some time. Despite that, she’s been mostly active and engaged, connecting well with us and a few weeks ago with her friend Ms. Caprice, who stayed with her while we were out of town for a few days. She did well. Until yesterday, when her fade began.

Our vet, Dr. Lisa kindly saw us during lunch today, and Lucy slipped quietly away. I dearly hope that she is now on the other side of things, cavorting with her brother Jules, who left us in November, and perhaps Uncle Toto is teaching her to dance with the butterflies.

Its very strange to have a house without cats. And today we mourn the passing of this wonderful spirited cat, who could be a “dickens” and lead us around the neighborhood on a merry chase, and who always had time for a scratch or a lap. Thank you, Lucy for 20 years of love and presence. May you romp free of all limitations.

baby cats
Lucy and Jules, Sept 1998
Lucy Last Apple tree
Lucy today under our apple tree

Lucy One White

Lucy Belle Gilpatrick Smythe McGarrity

June 7, 1998 to August 20, 2018



39 thoughts on “Good Night, Sweet Prince (ss)

  1. I’m very sorry to read that Lucy has gone, though I know she was very old (a testament to your love and care). I enjoyed her voice in “her” writing. I hope she’s in Ageless Cat Paradise romping with her brother and chasing grasshoppers. I know you will miss her. ❤

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  2. We are so sorry for your loss, you gave Lucy a wonderful loving home and we all got to know her through her lovely writing. Much love from all of us here – run free sweet Lucy 🌈💕

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  3. I hope Lucy meets Mithrender, Tatterhood , Spot, Lady Tiara Rex, Diamond and Putter. I know they will happily cavort with Lucy on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. My heart is with you. 😢

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  4. Wow, what a life, 20 years. I am so sorry Steph. My co-worker and friend is mourning the loss of her 14 year old cat who died just last week. It’s been pretty emotional over here. I sympathize. So glad you and Lucy got to be family in this life. love to you. x

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  5. Sending hugs. We are so lucky that these creatures are willing to share their lives with us. Thank you for passing on the wonders of Lucy One White to the rest of us.

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  6. Tony, Wiki and I are so very sorry for your loss. I am so happy that she had both of you as her wonderful moms. She had a wonderful life with you two and Jules, and her spirit will carry on, as Jules’ spirit carries on. Sending lots of love your way…

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  7. I am so sorry for your loss, Steph. And thank you for letting us know.

    Someone in my family once commented that they didn’t understand why people shared such personal information. My response was that it was because it was the internet age and we all cared. Plus why should we let our loved ones go without appropriate acknowledgement.

    I was very touched by your acknowledgement of Lucy and all she meant to you. Vale Lucy One White.
    You will be missed by many..

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