Today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt is Yarn. At my house, we’ve got yarn. I’m not a weaver, but my partner BA is. Yarn, or thread, or fiber in some form is the basic raw material for a weaving project.

Yarn. It can be made of cotton, rayon/Tencel, wool, polyester, linen, silk or some combination of all of the above, and all manner of animal fibers: the aforementioned wool, along with angora, alpaca, camel hair, you catch my drift. And there’s always another possibility. What if you add sparkles, little mirrors to loopy ribbons?

And then there is size: from the thinnest of hairs to what appears to be a small rope.

Color, oh my goodness, the colors. For me, that’s the magic. All hues and shades of a given color, and with some hand dyed skeins, variations within colors and combinations. As I mentioned, I don’t weave, or knit or crochet, or embroider. I can sew, but I don’t do much of it. All those colors and possible combinations. Design madness. I get how one could end up needing a warehouse to house their stash. Its all I can do not to buy out a shop sometimes, and I know I won’t use it.

But I gotta look, and imagine.

Here’s a small gallery, both of the stash, and a few of BA’s finished projects.

20 thoughts on “THE STASH

      1. Ah, Purrseidon was 4 weeks old when she arrived in the household … the yarn was already there. The rascal likes needles and crochet hooks, too…. I’m been missing a Tunisian hook for a few weeks….

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  1. The scarves are lovely. I occasionally wish I’d gotten into weaving sometime during my life, but I fear it would be like knitting – I’d end up with too much product with nothing to do with it.

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    1. BA took her inspiration from one of Bonnie Inoye’s, doing a takedown from something she found online. She doesn’t have an exact link, but Bonnie is a master weaver who loves undulating twills, and you can find a lot of her stuff on the web.


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