Lucy: The Next Stop on My Tour

Lucy One WhiteGood morning, its me, Lucy One White.

So far, my farewell tour is going well. I’m doing more tour than farewell, which is good. I’m feeling better and have been busy with my usual duties of eating, drinking, sleeping, and bossing. Bossing is hard work, and my voice has gotten a little hoarse. (I’m still a cat, I don’t know why Mama Steph is calling me a horse, see what I mean about hard work?). Whatever. My voice sounded funny this morning when I was telling Mama Steph that it was get up time, and she said okay, Little Man. That’s my brother. I Lucy am Little Bear. Hmmph.

She did get up, and so I got to go outside and have second drinks at my two main outside drinking stations. It was fun. Then I had a snack and went back to sleep. Yesterday, I had lots of energy, enough so that I could be naughty and I had a fun game of Merry Chase with Mama Bets. I taked her down into the open space so she could watch me have an outdoor drink.

I am tired this morning and have had to do a lot of lap work for recovering, so I am going back to sleep now. Mama Steph says that today’s raggy prompts is superstition. I Lucy think that black cats are the best. You shouldn’t cross us though, because you should be helpful and serve us.

Lucy called it the raggy prompt, but the usual name is Ragtag Daily Prompt. Come visit and follow for a fun daily prompt.

12 thoughts on “Lucy: The Next Stop on My Tour

  1. Black kitties are indeed the very best. My last kitty was black. She was most precious.

    I’m not afraid of Friday the 13th either. I’m not superstitious.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday and Friday the 13th. My best to your mom. ♥

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  2. yay! I’m glad you’re feeling better Lucy. Midnight waves hello and hopes to catch you on your extended tour. He is becoming quite a fan.


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