Winter and Road Construction

Back in the groovy days of my youth, I went to college in Minnesota. The saying there was that there were two seasons, winter and road construction.  That’s come to mind a lot recently, as there is quite a bit of road construction and repair going on in town, along with a redo of underground cable lines. Its a pretty good mess. Now we have the added delight of the first of many roof replacements due to last month’s massive hailstorm. Dumpsters are appearing on the already crowded streets, along with shingle delivery trucks.

Getting around town can be a challenge these days, whether I’m running, on my bike, or driving. The open surfaces when found, are often grooved from all the machinery.  Just in case the heat of summer wasn’t enough to have me longing for winter, I’m also ready for road construction to be over.

For today’s ragtag daily prompt of Groove.

7 thoughts on “Winter and Road Construction

  1. There are years — this isn’t one of them — when it seems that every road in the state is under construction. A lot of our roads SHOULD be under construction and we have a lot of bridges that will probably fall down pretty soon if no one fixes them. And then, there’s the catastrophic bad rail system that makes headlines every year when they fire this season’s Transit Director. Literally, they fire one every winter. It doesn’t matter because, without funding, the problems will ALWAYS be the same. You can’t fix the trains without funding.

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    1. Scary, isn’t it. A director without funding can’t do much. I’m grumping away as I try and get around, and at the same time, I am very grateful to be in a town where the necessary repairs are getting done. There are some bridges, etc around the state that are in dire need of repair as well.


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