Quarterly Review of Blogging #4: One Year!


I started blogging a year ago. When I began, I had no particular agenda or expectations. I did have the idea of sharing curiosities, odd signs and word stuff, and I liked the concept of allowing myself to follow my own curiosities, going wherever my interest was piqued. That’s reflected in the name I chose,  Curious Steph.

I had no inkling whatsoever that I would become a near daily writer, and that I would make friends among my fellow bloggers, looking forward to their next installments along with mine. I didn’t even know about stuff like following and followers when I began. I’m still small potatoes in that respect, with 272 followers at last count. I appreciate those who are interested and read, and while I now acknowledge that I think a bit about my “audience”, using the term very loosely, I primarily write for myself, doing what feels right on any given day. I have no interest in “growing my site”. That sounds way too much like work and obligation to me. No thank you very much.

I didn’t imagine how much I would come to enjoy the Daily Prompt, enough so that when its impending demise was announced, I put out the call for others who were interested in keeping a prompt. Now the Ragtag Daily Prompt has its own site, and is completing its first month in operation. It has been more complicated than anticipated, in the manner of most things, and now its getting easier. The prompts generally arrive on time and in the expected location, and we are all working together and getting both better and easier with the process.

I also didn’t imagine that Lucy One White would get her own weekly post, and while I was aware that Lucy has always had quite a bit to say, I didn’t know quite how much she would say. She plans to continue her column as long as she continues, although given her great age, we shall see how that goes.

So happy one year anniversary to Curious Steph. I’m curious to see where this next year will lead. I don’t have big plans or goals, more a sense that I’d like to keep meandering along and see what happens next. I invite you to meander along.

14 thoughts on “Quarterly Review of Blogging #4: One Year!

  1. Congratulations! I remember the moment I recognized the mountains in your blog header. You’d been commenting/following on my blog for a little while but I had not looked to see who you were. When I saw them, I thought, “Oh, I love that range. A little part of my heart lives there. Who is this person?” I’m glad I found out. 🙂

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  2. I think we have no choice. We write for ourselves because who else could we write for? We might write ABOUT someone else, but in the end, WE are the writers and we write as ourselves. People who are trying to sound like other people always sound bad.

    I’ve been enjoying your posts. I don’t comment every time because sometimes, I really don’t have anything to say and anyway, I can’t check everyone’s blogs every day or I would never leave the computer, but I try to sort of keep up. Yesterday I was in such a crappy mood, I just deleted everyone and settled in to read a book. Sometimes, the magic doesn’t happen.


  3. Happy blog anniversary! Its been a pleasure to read, comment and converse on a range of topics. In particular it has been really cool to follow your triathlon journey and the Daily Prompt/RDP – although I’ve only blogged about one – and your commitment to it definitely sparked a small flicker in me that has lead to me haiku a day. Here’s to plenty more readings, comments and conversations in the future!

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