No More Daily Post?

I’m bummed. I don’t always read Ben Huberman’s posts, but when I saw yesterday’s title in my feed, which included Thank You, followed by an opening line of “Saying goodbye is hard”, I had a bad feeling. The Daily Post with its daily prompt and other cues and supports for blogs is going away. Its been around […]

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Quarterly Review of Blogging: # 3

Nine months of blogging. I’m still at it, and posting most days, this is post # 213. I’m still having fun, learning, growing, and connecting with other bloggers. I continue to be amazed by this, as I really didn’t see it coming. I’m okay with this happy surprise. I started two new series: Feline Fridays and Words […]

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Quarterly Review of Blogging. #2

I’ve been blogging for 6 months now. No longer brand new, and still on a fairly steep learning curve. Most of what I said 3 months ago in my first Quarterly Review of Blogging still applies. I’m very much enjoying the community of bloggers, and I remain surprised at how often I’m posting and how much I […]

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Quarterly Review of Blogging

Surprised. If I only get one word to describe the experience of my first three months blogging, surprised wins. Starting out, my intention was to share some of the items that trigger my quirky sense of humor such as odd signs and malaprops. I had just begun my triathlon training adventure and anticipated that some explorations […]

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